Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hilton Head wedding

Sorry it's been an entire week since my last post...with being out of town for several days and then having bundles of busyness at work, it's been a bit tough to think about tending to a blog post. :)

However, now that I am back, I definitely have to share about last weekend. Thursday night I rode to Hilton Head, SC to be there for the Friday-night wedding of our friends Kelly and Lael. (Dave went a day earlier than me because he was a groomsman.) It was an adorable wedding...very pretty and was probably the smallest wedding I've ever been to! Only family members and a few close friends outside of the bridal party. Very intimate. :)

Dave and me hanging out at the beach
before the wedding

Such a cute outdoor setup

Kelly, the groom, and Sion, one of the groomsmen
and the officiant (read the story below)

Dave (my husband)

All lined up and waiting for the bride

Emily, the only bridesmaid I knew

Lael coming down the isle

So sweet!

Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Mills!!!

Sion and Dave after the ceremony

The wedding was on a croquet the boys definitely took
advantage of that after the ceremony

Emily (Sion's wife) and me

the band - they were good!

me and Dave

first dance

This picture didn't come out great (was using my old instead of new camera), but I
found it pretty interesting, nonetheless. After dinner, some of the guys went
out to finish their game of croquet. Next thing we knew, about 80% of the
wedding party and guests had also ventured out to the field and were just standing
around. It was so random. The poor band was left to play for me, Emily, and about
five other people who decided to stay at the tables.

The clubhouse where the reception took place.

What was extra neat about this ceremony was that Sion was the officiant. To sum up the history behind this, Dave, Kelly, and Sion became friends when they were young kids, and they've remained best friends to this day. Sion is now a magistrate, so he was able to conduct the ceremony. How neat is that, that one of Kelly's best friends was his wedding officiant?? So special. :)

There were more events to the weekend, but those will come in another post.

Congratulations to Kelly and Lael!!!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Boy, I want to go to another wedding . . .

  2. Hmmm, should I be offended you called my wedding bizarre? :)
    The reason very few people danced to the band is my parents and relatives that were at the wedding don't approve of dancing, so I was lucky to get a first dance with Kelly!!! We provided croquet on purpose to give those who didn't want to dance something to do (plus I think it's fun)! The band was just there for background music (we told them ahead of time that very few guests were dancers)! Hopefully the band didn't mind:)