Friday, June 26, 2009

House catchup

I thought I should probably update everyone on our house, too. :)

It is coming along well!! As you can see in the pictures below, it now has windows, and most of the wiring is done inside. It actually now has brick up the first three feet around the exterior and the rest of the windows are installed, but I don't have a picture of that yet.

I ran into our builder the other day and he said we should have our pre-drywall walk-through within the next week. Yay!!


  1. Wow, it's really coming along!

  2. It's looking good! I can't wait to see the progress. What colors did you pick for the outside? I can envision the flowers out pretty.

    I need a new door mat....

  3. How exciting .....I've never had a brand newe house.....I hope you are enjoying it all!

  4. Looks great! Thanks for the update.

    That picture of the water flooding the sidewalks in front of the store is so funny! I looked at it and thought "what on earth?" That's crazy how they did that, but then I guess all the water on the roof has to go somewhere!

    Have a great week!