Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Update on Jane

I thought I should provide an update on Cathleen's daughter, Jane, as many people have asked how she is doing.

Yesterday I heard from my friend Sharon at work, who has been in touch with Cathleen. No one is sure how, but Jane has made a miraculous recovery. She is awake, speaking, eating, and even making jokes. Friends came to play with her at the hospital. The last I heard, yesterday she was supposed to go home!!

It really is a complete miracle. Thank you SO much to everyone who prayed. Like I said, God works miracles. I'm so thankful He chose this situation as one of His many to show His grace, love, and power.

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  1. Thank you for posting prayer requests and updates on Jane, my daughter. It's so wonderful to see such awesome support. Jane's recovery is an absolute miracle, and I was there to witness it!

    Your blog is very pleasing to the eye. Love the wedding pictures!