Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A few life events

A few recent life events:

1st: I went to Seattle this past weekend to visit the splendid Jackie t. Sadly, she was diagnosed with mono just before I got there, so she wasn't able to do much. The best part was probably the coffee crawl she signed us up for. A tour guide walked us all around downtown Seattle, teaching us about coffee and the coffee shops in Seattle. We also got samples at several places, and got to do what you might call a "coffee tasting" (similar to a wine tasting). It was pretty awesome. :) I took some pictures along the way (see below). She also took me out to eat at a delicious Italian place, where I got to just tell them what I wanted even though it wasn't on the menu. That was pretty spiffy. (I wanted cheese ravioli with marinara sauce. I know some would consider that boring, but's hard to find that on a menu!)

The first Seattle's Best (left) and a descendant of the first Starbucks (right).

The location of the actual first Starbucks (left)
and our tour guide during a "coffee tasting" (right).

A few more coffee shops. (The one on the right was Jackie's favorite.)

A piece of the mountains in downtown Seattle (left), our last stop (right).


See those two little dots at the very very top?
Those are people.
Window washers.
Just looking up at them gave me the heeby geebies.
I think if someone asked me to do their job, I would very well pass out.

2nd: Dave and I bought a house on Sunday!! Yup, we're going to build one in Cary. For all of you who voted, we chose House C with stone. House C was the cheapest and also the most voted for, so it seemed like the best choice. We added stone to the front to blend in with the neighborhood, since most of the other houses have it, and also because I've for a long time wanted a house with stone on it. The construction should start in a couple weeks, and we hope to move in by August. I am very excited...but the realization of all the work we need to do on our current home to prepare it for selling is a bit overwhelming. My friend Ashley and her husband Dave are coming to visit today, and I'm a little sad that the only memory they'll have of our townhome is of boxes, paint cans, and miscellaneous items laying all around.

3rd: I chopped 5 inches off my hair last night. :) I mean, actually, my hairdresser Lauren chopped 5 inches off, but you know what I'm saying. It looks very nice I think. I was very frazzled from being incredibly stressed at work, so I walked into the hair salon and pretty much said to take off as much as she wanted. Five inches was a good amount. Not super drastic, but enough to feel a change.

This is the best picture I could take myself of my new hair.
My hair's not exactly laying beautifully at the moment, but you get the idea. :)
Sorry for the lack of smile. It's hard to smile for yourself.

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  1. Hey Kara--Thanks for the tour of Seattle. I've never been there--but it's on my list--and congrats on the new house. So exciting.

    Whenever I go to get my haircut--I usually give the stylist a vague suggestion--and then let them have their artistic way!! (Hair will always grow back!)