Friday, March 13, 2009

Company Girl Coffee 03.13.09

Good morning Company Girls!
I was sad to miss out last week...there was just too much going on at work and I didn't find time to write a post. I missed everyone. :) So I hope you have all had a wonderful two weeks!

Last weekend Dave and I went to Atlanta for a frisbee tournament. You can see some pictures from it in my last post, Atlanta.

Then early Monday morning my brother Evan and his friend Johnny arrived to spend the week with us for their spring break. I don't think our house was the most thrilling place they could have gone for spring break, but at least they got away. Plus I was very excited to have them. They left last night to drive through the night. It's between 11 and 12 hours to get back to our family's home in Leo, Indiana.

Last night we hung out at Dan's house (Dave's brother)
and played poker.

Me and Evan

This past week I discovered something about strengthening my relationship with God that was very good to learn and remember. I had been feeling as if my relationship with Him were I couldn't feel His burning presence within me. Does that make sense? It's like I knew He was there, but I couldn't feel Him. And because I couldn't feel Him, it was hard to keep my constant focus on Him. Then one day in the midst of feeling like this I decided to turn on some worship music. It only took about 30 seconds for me to feel my heart warming. I felt the burn coming back. The more I listened, the better I felt.

I've been listening daily since then, and it has helped immensely in keeping my focus on God instead of the issues of daily life. Whenever I feel myself slipping, I turn on some praise or worship music. It calms my heart and soothes my soul.

So I'm any of you have something like this that draws you back toward God? Something you read? Something you listen to? Something you think about?

Here's a song I want to share with's one of the songs that touches me most. You can listen to it while you do the trivia. :)

Trivia from two weeks ago:
True or False:
When Moses threw his staff on the ground
and it turned into a snake, he ran away from it.

Answer: TRUE
Then the Lord said to him, "What is that in your hand?"
"A staff," he replied. The LORD said, "Throw it on the ground."
Moses threw it on the ground and it became a snake, and he ran from it.
- Exodus 4:2-3

This week's trivia:
What animal is referenced in the Bible more times
than any other, making an appearance in the text
over 400 times?

I hope everyone has a splendid weekend!
God bless!


  1. There was no Mr. Linky, but I decided to visit anyway. I love reading your blog, and I especially love the trivia.

    Yes, I do have those moments that seem to revive my soul. I have been blogging about the Lord's Supper. It is a study that our church is doing to prepare for communion. I am learning so much about it! It has brought me closer to God...and yes, praise music always warms my soul as well.

    Trivia: I guess a snake.

  2. Sorry about the Mr. Linky snafu...good thing I was home today to even double check!!

    I love worship music as a way to pull my heart into God's presence. I find that even when I'm driving, I can be in a place of reverence and closeness if I'm listening to a particular song that touches me. I love the song you chose for's perfect.

    Sometimes I am so distracted it is hard to feel a connection with the Lord. I'm pretty sure the problem is on MY end, and not His. Music and sometimes quietness (which is hard to come by at times) can help in a big way.

    I'm going to guess "donkeys" on your trivia question. And not just because I have one....

  3. Thanks for sharing. Usually it'll be something I someone's life testimony, that will draw me back to Him...seeing how He has worked in other's lives, and how He works in my life. Serving Him, worship music. Thanks for the song too. =)

  4. Thanks for the song.That works wonders for me too

  5. Nothing helps focus my heart quicker than true worship. This is often entered into through music.

    Recently I had the opportunity to listen to Keith & Krysten Getty in person and was very much ministered to by the music they sing, which are modern hymns, unlike much of Christian "pop" songs today. I've since been listening to their CD.

    I also never tire of listening to the music and lyrics of Warren Barfield.

    Trivia: I guess lambs.

  6. cow (or calf) Is that two? Looks like you had a good time with your brother!

  7. Like you Kara I find myself turning to music to feel closer to God. I chose old hymns and gospel music that we used to sing w/ my late grandfather. Grandpa loved Christian music- everything from the old fashioned hymns of church to more contemporary artists of today. I have many happy memories singing those as a family in the car. So when I feel down, or sad, or just need to feel closer to the Lord, I turn to those. And in that same moment, I can feel Grandpa with me again. So, actually it's kind of a "two for one" deal:-)

  8. The Brooklyn Tebernacle Choir does that for me! Especially when I'm in an airplane...The Brooklyn Tab, a good book and the hum of the calms and relaxes me and sometimes brings tears to my eyes because my soul gets so full.

  9. I love the trivia in your posts. I look forward to the answers, even if I know them, each week.

  10. I love the music - it's my favorite way to focus and center myself around God. I loved reading your blog too. Thanks for the coffee!