Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This past weekend was a good time. We went to Atlanta for one of Dave's off-season frisbee tournaments and got to stay with my aunt and uncle, which always makes me excited. I love them and my cousins to pieces. Saturday I went to my cousin Makenzie's softball tournament, then I went to the second day of Dave's tournament on Sunday. My Aunt Dawn and I went and got manicures, and I was SOOOO excited that I had enough nails to get one. (I've been breaking my nail-biting habit. :) ) The whole weekend was fun...minus the six hour drive there and back. (Although Debbie and Brian did a wonderful job of driving us!)

Aunt Dawn and me at Makenzie's tournament

Makenzie and me

Uncle Larry the Coach

Kahla and me at Dave's tournament

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  1. I got jealous when I saw your sunglasses. It reminded me of warmer weather that is hopefully on the way. I wanted to thank you for donating to March of Dimes! We are really excited about helping them raise money this year. Thanks for checking in on Mikan and helping us out this year!