Tuesday, March 3, 2009

All is from God

I think nearly every Christian has at one point or another made the statement that they realize that all they have in their life comes from God. I know I have. But I never realized how explicitly the Bible actually states this. I just ran across this verse in my daily reading:

"A man can receive nothing unless it has been given to him from heaven."
- John 3:27

That made me smile. I love when God gives me proof for things I already believed but had never taken the time to find support for through Scripture. And really...there's no confusing words in that verse. No way to flip it around and interpret it differently. It's pretty clear. All is from God. My husband, my job, my health, my home, my personality, my talents, my salvation, my puppies, my family, my friends, my office, even the yummy-smelling lotion on my desk....ALL of it. From God. I think I owe Him some thanks.

What can you find in your life to thank God for?


  1. Very cool Kara :) Good thought to end my work day with!

  2. This is a great reminder, and very encouraging to me. I found your blog recently and have enjoyed reading it so far! I am a Christian too, and I'm also newly married. I'll keep tabs on your blog now that I've found it! Drop by my blog, if you're so inclined.
    -Callie :o)