Saturday, May 5, 2012

Krewson - 26 Months!

Well, baby boy, you turn 26 months today!!  I haven't done too great at writing updates lately - I think the last official one was when you turned 23 months old.  So it's about time I write a nice, long post to document  your life!

You are definitely keeping us on our toes lately with all your energy and enthusiasm.  Just in the last few weeks, you have become hyper, hyper, hyper.  You want to run, run, run and play, play, play and talk, talk, talk, and yell, yell, yell and climb, climb, climb and have us do it all with you.  It's hard to get anything done when you're awake, because you like to have constant companionship and attention.  Some of the stuff is difficult for me to do with your baby brother growing in my belly, and it makes me sad to sometimes tell you I can't do certain things because it's too hard.  But for the most part, you seem to accept it and not get too upset.  And besides, most things I can still do with you.  I asked Grandma Eileen at daycare a week or so ago if you seemed more hyper to her lately.  She said, "YES, WHAT are you GIVING him?!?!"  So apparently you're not just saving your energy for home - you're more hyper everywhere.  I wonder if this is the new "you"?  You are wearing your daddy and me out...but we don't mind, because we sure do love you and your excitement about life.  :)

You now talk in mostly full sentences, ranging from three to six or so words.  The words that come out of your mouth on a daily basis amaze me...they are words that your daddy and I never purposely taught you, but that you just picked up on your own.  It's so fun to have full conversations with you and be able to chat about your life.  It's also great that 90% of the time you can tell us what you want and can understand our reply.  I think it prevents a lot of frustration for all of us.

Lately you've been acting scared of many things, and your daddy and I can't figure out if it's an attempt to get attention or if you're really scared.  Most of the things that "scare" you are things that make loud noises - the hair dryer, the lawn mower, airplanes, trains, etc.  But some things seems very random.  You are scared of itty bitty bugs right now, and also of the dogs when they start to play.  You run to us with your arms outstretched and yell "Krew scared!!" and cling onto us for dear life.

Speaking of "Krew scared", we realized recently that 90% of the time you talk in third person.  I'm not quite sure how or when this happened, but the words "I" and "me" rarely emerge from your mouth.  Your daddy and I are working on changing the way we talk to you, since we tend to talk to you in third person and I'm pretty sure that's where you learned it.  I guess it's not horrible that you talk in third person, and it is probably just a phase, but we should be teaching you proper grammar nonetheless.  So Daddy and I are slowly switching to using a lot more of "I", "me", "you", "him", "her", etc.

At nighttime we always sing you two songs ("I'll Love You Forever" and "Think of Me" from Veggie Tales), then we pray and do kisses and "I love yous". Lately you've started singing along to the songs, and it is the sweetest thing ever.  Initially it was really hard not for me to giggle, because instead of using words you would just sing the word "ehhhhh" over and over on random notes and it was SOOOOOOO cute.  But now you actually try to sing the words on pitch, and every night that you sing it just warms my heart.

We've made various attempts to convince you to start potty training, but you want nothing to do with it.  I'm thinking it's not going to happen before your baby brother arrives, which is ok but does mean we're going to have two in diapers for a while.  Oh well!  We really have tried many different methods.  We tried making it sound exciting, like you'd be a grownup like us.  We'd say, "Mommy's going to go potty on the toilet! Do YOU want to go potty on the toilet, too???"  If this was any other activity, you'd reply with an enthusiastic "WES!!!!!" (YES!!!!!), but not when we're asking about the toilet.  Your response is always "No."  We've offered candy and cookies. "No."  I bought you big boy underwear, and you wore them for about .2 seconds before telling me they were "too big" and peeling them off, happily accepting the resulting diaper that I put back on your bottom.  You are just NOT ready.  But that's ok.  The time will come.

One thing you ARE doing like a big boy, though, is that you're now in your big boy bed in your big boy room.  We've surprisingly never had a problem after your first nap in there.  For that first nap, it took a couple times of us going in and telling you to get back in bed.  When you got out of bed for the third or fourth time that day, I put you in your crib, which you did NOT like.  I told you that you could back to the big boy bed one more time, but if you didn't stay in it, then you had to sleep in your crib.  We haven't had an issue since....we lay you down, and you stay until you fall asleep and wake up.  And then even after you wake up you stay in your bed until we come to your room.  We didn't teach you that part - I guess you just assumed that was the rule.  And that's a fine rule for me!

I guess there have been a few minor incidences with the big boy bed, such as the other day.  After I put you down for your nap that day, I heard some banging and scraping on the monitor, and when I went in there I found you laying exactly where I had put you under the covers, but now with your guitar and a Wii steering wheel tucked under your arm.  I debated whether to discipline (which I assumed would result in a tantrum) or to just let you sleep with them, but I decided it was best to be firm.  I took the toys away from you, and you didn't make a peep, didn't cry or anything.  Just watched me. I must admit, I was completely shocked.  I put them outside your bedroom door, and a couple hours later after your nap you came out of the room, found them, and announced "Mommy take!!"  I said, "Yes, did Mommy take them away because you disobeyed?" and your replied "Wes!!"  Then you went on your merry way with them back in your arms. :)

At the doctor's office for your two-year checkup, you weighed 27.4 pounds (41st percentile), you were 2 feet 9 1/2 inches long (23rd percentile), and your head was 19.5 inches around (71st percentile).  The doctor told me all your growth was apparently going to your head.  I was like, ummmmm ok thanks doc.

When we measured you standing up the other day, you were 2 feet 9 inches tall - I'm assuming the "loss" of height is due to you standing instead of laying down to be measured.  But for 26 months old, that only puts you at the 9th percentile for (standing) height.  (Either you're slightly delayed in your growth, or you might end up being a short little boy.  We'll find out!)  You also weighed 29.6 pounds - apparently you gained two pounds in the last two months! Holy camoly.  That puts you at the 61st percentile for weight.

You're currently wearing mostly 24-month shirts and shorts.  Your feet are going through a crazy growth spurt right now - they are almost too big for the size 7 shoes that were floppy on you a month and a half ago.  This exact same thing happened last spring - you went through several shoe sizes in just a few short months.  I expect you'll be moving into size 8 within the next month.  As for diapers, you should technically be in size 5 but we are squeezing you into size 4 Target brand, which seem to run a little bigger than the other brands.  After we get through the Target diapers we have left (that I bought in bulk during a great sale), we'll be sticking to Luvs brand from now on.  I don't like the way the Target diapers fit you - they are too stiff and hang to far down between your legs.  Huggies and Pampers are too expensive.  So back to Luvs we go.

You're really not picky about your food right now and you eat almost anything we put in front of you - EXCEPT vegetables.  You are just NOT a veggie fan.  Once in a while we can trick you into eating mini broccoli florets by telling you they're little trees, but for the most part you won't touch anything green.  Doesn't matter how much butter or cheese we put on it.  You won't eat it.  However, I have discovered that if I can hide the veggies in your food, then you'll eat them as long as they don't have an obviously different texture from the rest.  This has worked in veggie lasagna, Chinese dishes, and casseroles.  So that's my current plan to get a bit of veggie nutrition into you.  And of course you eat your fruit squeeze pouches (which we call "fruit packs"), which I've started ordering almost exclusively with veggies in them.  I figure that the more vegetables I can sneak into your little body, the better.

Alrighty well I think that's about it for now, and you're starting to wake up from your current nap so I'm about to lose my ability to focus on this blog post.  Ahhh, that reminds me, one other thing I should mention.  You are a CRABBY BOY when you first wake up.  You never, ever wake up in a good mood.  I have no idea why.   Your daddy and I almost always leave you in your bed for 10 to 15 minutes after you wake up, listening for your whining to turn into jibber jabber.  If we go in while you're still whiny, then that means we have to deal with a super cranky, clingy boy for a good 30 minutes.  If we wait until you sound more cheerful, then you make our lives a bit easier.  But very rarely do you come out of your room in the morning or after a nap in a nice, smiley mood.  If this is a lifelong trait, life is going to get interesting when you get to the age where you want to sleep in instead of getting up for school.

Ok that's it.  Love you little boy - you are a joy to our lives and we can't wait to see how you grow and develop in the months to come!

Your Momma

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