Saturday, May 5, 2012

Birthday Fire!!

A certain someone (that would be me) is pretty stoked, because an awesomely stupendous birthday gift arrived in the mail yesterday!!

Oh yes, that would be a Kindle Fire. Yipeeeeee!! The refurbished ones were on sale online the other day, and I have a birthday (with birthday money, I'm assuming/hoping??) coming up, so I decided I'd pool most of it together and treat myself. :) (Now let's just hope I receive the same amount of birthday money I typically do, otherwise I just treated myself to a gift we don't really have the money for at the time, haha...)

Anyone else have one?? Any tips or suggestions?  I have a ridiculous number of ebooks already (check out Inspired Reads, Power Reads, and Pixel of Ink on Facebook to be notified of daily freebies) and so I'm super excited to start reading them on a screen bigger than my iPhone.

Ahhhhh I love books. :)

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