Sunday, February 12, 2012

Toddler Room Dresser - Need Your Input!

Dave and I are planning to move Krew into his new "big boy" room as soon as we finish getting it decorated and set up. But we are stuck. We simply can't decide on what to do with his dresser.


Here is his new bed...

(The Kura bed from Ikea. After a short while we will raise the mattress up about a foot onto slats, and then in a couple years we will turn it into a bunk bed.)

and here is the dresser: (excuse the mess everywhere - right now it is a catch-all room :) )

Here is an image of the two together:

(As you can see, they don't match very well.)

We are going to add dark brown vinyl decoration to the walls (something Dave will design), and I also want to transfer over the following wall hangings from his nursery:

His name decoration from Ashley - I may paint the baby blue over with a darker blue to match the blue on the bed, but I definitely want to take it into the new room.

The song I put into a frame for him - Hold On To Jesus by Erin O'Donnell (I changed the female words to male words). Very special to me.

His framed lifetime hunting license (courtesy of Grammie and Grandpa Todd).

So...what do we do with the dresser? If we paint it, what color do we paint it? Do we leave parts of it the color it already is, or do we paint the whole thing? Should we do the drawers in different colors to match the rest of the room, like in this post:

Please, provide your thoughts. Dave and I really can't arrive at any final decision!

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