Monday, February 27, 2012

Review: Comforts Brand Baby Products

I recently had the opportunity to receive and review some Comforts brand baby products.  In case you are unaware, Comforts is a Kroger line, and they carry diapers, wipes, formula, sippy cups, etc. - many, many items for your baby or toddler.

I was pretty excited to receive not only sippy cups and wipes, but diapers as well.  And I can say that overall I'm pretty pleased with these products.  The diapers are somewhat comparable to the style of Luvs - not quite as soft and stretchy as Pampers or Huggies, but they get the job done.  (And honestly, I prefer Luvs, mostly because of price, so I really didn't mind the Comforts diapers being similar to them.)  Compared to Luvs, Comforts brand feels a little more like paper.  They also seem to get more mushy when your child wets them a lot (such as when wearing them throughout the night).  Overall, though, they've served their purpose well.  We've had a few nighttime leaks, but we've had that with other diaper brands, also.

The sippy cups have worked great.  They have little covers for the mouth spouts, which I love for keeping the spout as germ-free as possible.  (Krew also thinks the covers are lots of fun to flip on and off, on and off.)  And I can honestly say that I really, really like the wipes.  They are very durable and firm, yet still soft.  So they get the job done, if you know what I mean. ;)  I would most definitely purchase the wipes again.

So my final review:
 - If the diapers are a great price and you don't mind Luvs-style diapers, go for it.
 - The sippy cups look a little cheap but have a covering for the mouth spout and work great.
 - The wipes work great, and have one of my favorite textures for wipes.  (If you are a person who prefers softer, silky wipes, these may not be for you.)

I have some coupons for the products, if you are a friend who lives near me and would like to try them out.  Please let me know!

Disclaimer: I received Comforts brand diapers, wipes, and sippy cups through BzzAgent ( in exchange for providing my review of these products.

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