Thursday, August 25, 2011

Things I Love About My Witto Boy

There have been so many times recently that I've thought to myself, I need to write this moment down. I need to record Krew doing this. It's so adorable, and this time will pass, and I want to always remember this...

So I'm finally writing a few things down. Here are ten things I absolutely love about our little boy right now and his fascinating toddler world.

1. He's learning to share.
A week or so ago, I noticed that he had some paper crumpled up tightly in his little fist.  I asked him if I could please see it, and he handed it to me.  Upon confirming that it was only a paper I had intended to throw away, I handed it back to him.  However, he decided there was a better way to handle this that would clearly make us both happier.  He promptly ripped the paper in half, and then reached up to hand one of the halves to me.  I joyfully accepted it and said thank you, and he continued on his merry way.

2.  He is learning to communicate his wants without screaming or whining.
He now tells us where he wants us to go by crouching down and pointing at the ground where he wants us to stand.  If he wants us to go outside with him, he walks just outside the back door and then squats down and points to the patio.  If he wants us to draw on the chalkboard with him, he goes over to the chalkboard then points at the ground next to him.  If he wants us to go down the slide with him, he points at the steps.   It's really adorable...and really helpful.

3.  He has his own sense of fashion.
His favorite accessory at the moment is dog collars.  Even the ones with dog tags hanging off of them.  He frequently brings one to us, demonstrates his struggle to place it around his neck, then hands the collar to us.  If we do not hook it around his neck and allow him to wear it for at least 30 minutes, mounds of toddler tears are inevitable.  So if you see a picture of him wearing a bright pink and black dog collar, please don't judge. It was his own doing.

4. He's developing into a little chatterbox.
He talks his head off right now.  Problem is, this is what it typically sounds like: "Dadoh bajoo dis dadihdah didoh djo dwajo dat bwow dahdah."  And then he looks at us, like, Well?  And we say something along the lines of, "Oh, I see!"  And then he continues, "Bajoo dadihdah didoh bwow..."  This goes on and on and on.  I wish we had some inkling of a clue as to what he's trying to tell us.

5. His physical abilities are growing by leaps and bounds.
He's nearly running and oh-so-close to jumping.  When he "runs", he throws his shoulders forward and his little arms go back-and-forth, back-and-forth while his feet go pitter patter pitter patter.  When he "jumps", he throws both arms up over his head simultaneously, as if their momentum will left his little body off the ground.  His little feet lift all the way up to the tips of his toes, but never quite make it all the way into the air.  This past Tuesday he started actually walking on his tippy-toes with me, and we walked around the house while I chimed, "Tip toes! Tip toes! Tip toes!"  Then I'd go flat-footed and say "Flat feet! Flat feet! Flat feet!" and he'd follow behind me slapping his flat feet on the ground.

6. He's learning to entertain himself.
Being outside is pretty much his favorite place in the world.  If you let him go outside with a that's heaven on earth for the little boy.  He just walks around the yard, sipping on his juice, babbling to the dogs and the birds and the clouds, occasionally pulling an unripened tomato off its branch and using it as a ball.  And if you turn the hose on for him?  Oh goodness, he gets so excited.  He exclaims "WAH-tis! WAH-tis! WAH-tis!" (his pronunciation of water - imagine "water" said with a British accent and an extra s thrown on the end for special effect) and sticks his hands in the stream or requests to hold the hose himself.  Speaking of water, he's got some mad water-identification skills.  He can point out water no matter it's location or form.  If it's a picture of the ocean or a beach sunrise, if it's water coming out of a faucet, if it's flowing from the sink faucet, if it's a lake in the distance, if it's in a bathtub, if it's coming out of a matter what, he always knows it's water.  It really impresses me.

7. The actual words he says are just so darn cute.
My favorite word of his is still "bubble".  I just find it simply adorable when he says it.  It's so perfectly pronounced, with that little baby twang to it.  I love it love it.

8. He loves his music.
He is still a dancing fool.  He'll dance to nearly any tune.  He likes to mimic dances, too, so if you've got any moves you'd like to share with him, I'm sure he'd appreciate it.  His favorite song right now is probably "Itsy Bitsy Spider".  We have an iPad app that plays it, and he skips through all the other songs so he can get to "Itsy Bitsy Spider".  Then he does all the motions with the song to the best of his abilities.  And along the lines of music, the little boy has also begun to sing.  I am OVERJOYED about this, because if you know me well then you know I love my music and singing!!  I've picked out some of my favorite childhood music for him (Psalty, anyone?) and to my excitement he loves the same music I do used to. He and his daddy and I like to all sing together with the music during bathtime.  :)

9. He's starting to play make-believe.
His favorite right now is to "drive" a "steering wheel".  Pretty much anything can be a steering wheel at this point.  He's used a baby jar lid, a bathroom cabinet knob, even an itty bitty pretzel that came from the bag of free pretzels you get during a plane trip. He also likes to push around cars and trucks and say "VROOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!"

10. He gets confused about the simplest things, and it reminds me how new to this world he still is.
If you say to him, "Krewson, can you say fill in the blank?" he'll always respond.  But it may sound absolutely nothing like what you said.  For example, I'll say, "Can you say 'Up, please?'" and he'll respond "Di doo."  And I'm like, um, what went wrong here.  So then I'll split it up..."Can you say 'Up'?"  "UH."  "Good job!! Can you say 'Please'?"  "TSSSSSSS."  "Can you say 'Up, please'?"   "DIH DOH SPPP."  Hmmmm.  If you ask him to say "yes" he'll nod his head.  If you ask him to say "no" he'll point to his nose.  If you ask him to say "truck" he'll say "VROOOOOOM!!".  If you ask him to say "airplane" he'll start soaring his hand through the air while making a soaring noise.  If you ask him to say "house" he'll click his tongue twice.  (This is by far my favorite.  I was so confused the first time he did this...I asked him to say "house" over and over, and each and every time he responded with two clicks of his tongue.  I was pretty sure he'd picked up some alien language in his sleep until later that night when I finally figured out what was going through his sweet head.   When we put him on his toy rocking horse at home, we click our tongues to make the sound of a horse's hooves.  So when I say "house", he thinks I'm saying "horse", and he clicks his tongue twice to make the sound of hooves.  So naive and so adorable, right??)

And if you're wondering why all the pictures of him in this post are of him eating...well,'s because it's the easiest time to get pictures of him. :)

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