Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Thanks to Irene, the ultimate tournament and our trip to Maryland was cancelled last weekend.  As much as traveling tires me out, I have to tell you that I was pretty bummed about the cancellation.  I was super excited for the trip.  I was looking forward to traveling with my husband and watching him out on the field.  I couldn't wait to put Krew in summer sports clothes and smother him in gobs of sunscreen and watch him gleefully run around the field.  I couldn't wait to cheer and scream for my honey.  I was looking forward to forced relaxation with friends.  (Can't do housework when I'm not in our house.)  As one of my friends very accurately described it, I felt pretty deflated when I found out we weren't going.  But alas, that is life, huh?

So Friday night I somewhat nervously awaited the arrival of the hurricane.  We are about two hours from the coast, and the last hurricane that had hit North Carolina in a similar way had caused pretty severe damage, even in our area.  (This is according to reports from friends.  Hurricane Fran, I believe.  I did not live in the area at the time.)  It was amazing to look at the radar on Friday night and see how massive the hurricane was...it was this giant spinning ball of red (yes, that's right, the strongest form of precipitation that the radar shows)...and it spanned well over 100 miles.  Our little dot of a city on the map sat just outside the edge of the encroaching red ball when I took my last glance at the radar before laying down to sleep around midnight.  It blew my mind to think about the storm's power and strength, and the fact that it was heading straight toward us.  Slightly nerve wracking, I must admit.  Especially with our young child in the room next door.  We are to be his protectors...but what do we do when we can't even protect ourselves?  Thinking about these things...the incomprehensible power of natural disasters on this earth...it blows my mind to think that God's might is infinitely stronger.  And thank goodness for that.

Saturday I woke up to discover that the hurricane's arrival had been pretty anticlimactic.  I hadn't awoken once during the night.  I looked outside, and although it was gloomy and drizzly, everything was intact.  Nothing had been blown around.  I checked the radar, and although there was precipitation covering us, the red was gone. There was definitely wind, but other than occasional strong gusts it wasn't any cause for concern.  It had turned into your average rainy, blustery day.

We hung out at home all day long.  Despite there not being any horrible damage, there were still reports of trees blown into roads and power lines down.  The gusts were still strong enough to keep you from unnecessarily driving too far.  So we just relaxed inside.  Well, Dave and I relaxed inside.  Krew had other plans.  And since it was pretty warm out, I let him do as he pleased.  Which mostly involved running around in the yard in the rain with his Aquadoodle and playing in the dogs' water bowl.

"Krew, please don't make a mess."

"Yes, Krew, that's water, but please don't play in it."

Sigh.  "Krew..."

"Oh ok...go ahead."

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