Friday, May 27, 2011

My To-Do List

I'm finding myself with lack of motivation to write a blog post today.  Probably because my to-do list is 18 miles long and I feel like I'm checking off about .2 items per day.

So, to help relieve my stress (or possibly make it worse), here is everything I can think of at this moment that I want to do, in no particular order:

1. Download, edit, and upload all my pictures to the internet for family and friends
2. Write a blog post (I'm about to check this one off!)
3. Play with Krew more (this is so hard with a huge to-do list. I try to play with him and make games while I'm cleaning)
4. Trim dogs' nails
5. Work out
6. Unpack from last weekend
7. Catch up on laundry
8. Mop kitchen floor
9. Vacuum stairs
10. Dust whole house
11. Clean master shower
12. Clean spare bathtub
13. Put stuff in attic
14. Read through magazine
15. Learn how to use new Photoshop purchases
16. Play piano
17. Play Wii
18. Fill frames that have been sitting in upstairs hallway since we moved here
19. Upload videos of Krew
20. Learn how to get videos off of regular video camera (not iPhone) onto computer
21. Organize music and delete songs I no longer want
22. Repot a bunch of plants
23. Fill out HOA forms to add pavers to driveway
24. Hang new bird house
25. Take more fun pictures
26. Organize closet
27. Clean up clutter that is taking over house
28. Menu plan
29. Go grocery shopping
30. Cut and organize coupons
31. Go through paper pile
32. Cook
33. Dust blinds
34. Do some deeper spring cleaning
35. Organize pantry
36. Organize fridge
37. Go through Krew's toys and put a bunch in attic
38. Write thank you notes
39. Think about Father's Day gifts
40. Sort and clean through loft area
41. Sort through gift wrapping supplies
42. Finish reading book for life group
43. Finish reading parenting book
44. Read Bible

...and now I'm wearing myself just trying to think of it all.
But you get the gist.

How's your to-do list these days???

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