Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Rambling Thoughts

I was having one of those nights tonight at Bible study where I had a lot of thoughts going through my head and yet didn't have much to say.  I thought I'd write some of it down just for my own sanity.

1. We found out today that my car is not totaled.  My initial reaction was "oh hallelujah" because I really really really liked my car and it took Dave quite a while to find it for me.  My follow-up reaction was "oh no" because that means we are now going to own a car that is practically unsellable and could have unforeseen future problems.  So I have excitement and relief mixed with concern.  However, as Dave told me tonight, there's not much we can do to change things either way, so I might as well let the happy part of me take over.

2. I went to the doctor yesterday for some digestive issues and was told that he thinks they are due to anxiety.  This totally bummed me out, because I thought I was on top of my anxiety right now. (In the past I have been diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder, but that's about a bagillion posts for another day.)  I just feel so frustrated sometimes that I cannot always handle the stresses of life.  I don't understand why I have to have anxiety and digestive issues while other people with even more stressful lives can go on with no obvious problems.  Maybe it's God's way of slowing me down and making me lean on Him?

3. I met with some leaders from church on Sunday to discuss an occurrence that had upset me in the past.  It was a nerve-racking conversation for me, but afterwards I felt much more at peace with things.  I was so so grateful for their openness and concern and willingness to let me share my hurts and frustrations, even when what I was saying could have been taken personally by them (although I hoped it wasn't).   We were all on fine terms by the time the meeting was over, with much more understanding between us all, and now they've invited me to help with the writing of some upcoming church surveys.  I'm so excited...not only to be further involved with the church, but to be involved in an area of great interest to me.  Thank you God for this opportunity. :)

4. Tonight in Bible study we briefly discussed the five love languages.  Words, gifts, actions, time, physical touch.  I think I'm words.  I tried to figure out what Dave is, and I was struggling. When I came home and asked him, he said he thought he was words right now also.  Which totally shocked me, because that was about my last choice.  I guess there's always something new to learn in marriage...

5.  Krew and I are going to Atlanta this weekend to see a bunch of my family, and I haven't started packing yet.  We're leaving on Thursday directly after work I think.  Which means I should probably be packing right now instead of writing this post.  Which means I may not be able to make it to my life group meeting tomorrow.  Which means I may decide to leave Friday early morning instead.  We'll see.

6. I have a ton of photography tutorials I want to watch and read, but I don't know when I'm going to get around to them.  I still have about 10 million pictures from our Orlando trip that I need to organize and edit.  In fact, I have pictures from way before Orlando that I still need to organize and edit.  But I'm really itching to learn some more editing tricks instead.  But before that I have to read my life group book...and I want to keep up with this blog...and I'm trying to work out more...speaking of which, I'm trying to cut down on my sugar intake even more and ugh it's no fun...see how my brain works?

7. By the way, it was my birthday last Saturday, on the 14th.  I turned 28.  If you missed it, don't feel bad.  I'm not overly concerned about birthdays. :)  But boy oh boy did my hunny give me a good gift this year.  It was our trip to SeaWorld and Discovery Cove.  He's the best. :)

8.  Okay, I think I've written enough of my thoughts out now that my brain is starting to slow down.  Maybe now I can go to sleep.


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