Wednesday, July 1, 2009

House drama

I am very fed up with our building and mortgage company right now (who are actually the same company). There have been various times throughout this building process when there was a "miscommunication" (i.e., they didn't provide us with all the details they should have) and Dave and I were left bewildered, frustrated, and shorter on money or incentives (which translate into money) than we were expecting. Not to mention not following timelines that were previously communicated. This pattern reached an all-time climax yesterday, when he and I got so frustrated we wanted to throw in the towel and look at other houses. We did, in fact, tell our realtor to send house listings our way if she thought they would fit us.

I'm not sure where we stand right now. Very up in the air. I'm frustrated to the point where I don't even want to go look at the house and see how it's coming along. It's sad.

Has anyone else faced drama like this in building a house? At this point, I never want to build a house again.

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  1. YES!!!! We have dealt with this sort of drama since last NOVEMBER when we reserved our lot. Construction was supposed to start in December, then January, then February, then finally started in March. We have had frustrations and plenty of "miscommunications" with the builder along the way. Our most recent was yesterday when the builder called to inform us that we had not been approved for our loan (we have been approved since DECEMBER). He just didn't have all the correct information, and sent me into a panic. We have our final walk-through this Friday though, and closing next Friday, so I will be glad when it is all over! Seeing the finished product now reminds me that it was all worth the wait and's hoping we make it through the next 8 days with no further complications!
    Hang in there and stick with it (unless they are totally killing you financially), and it should all be over soon and these set-backs will be a distant memory.