Thursday, July 9, 2009

Prayers for Candie

Last night, Dave and I found out that the guy who lives next door to us died Tuesday. He just got married in May, and his wife, Candie, is pregnant with their first child. She came home to find him dead in their apartment around lunchtime.

Among people I talk to, the cause of death is unknown. There have been suggestions that he had a health problem for which he was taking medication, and that's as much as we know.

Whatever the cause, I cannot imagine what his wife is going through right now. To lose a loved one at any time is so difficult...but to find your new husband and father of your unborn child dead in your own home is beyond my imagination. Please please please keep her in your prayers. She has a long road of pain and healing ahead of her. Not to mention a pregnancy to take care of and a baby to raise on her own.

It's so unsettling to think that a person I saw and said hello to almost daily is now just gone. Life is so short, and can be taken from us so quickly.

Once again, please pray for Candie.
Thanks and God bless.

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