Monday, August 11, 2008

Thoughts and Update 8.11.08

Sometimes, as a Christian, I sit here and think, "God, what DO you want me to DO????"

I know I've got the Bible. I know I've got prayer. But life has a funny way of handing you situations that are just slightly different from what you've ever seen before. The Bible almost but not quite describes what you're going through. So, once again, you're left sitting there thinking, "Seriously God, write on my wall. Give me direction through a dream. But please, I need SOMETHING!!"

My life updates:

My nails are shorter than ever. To stop biting them would require self-control that I need to save for other areas in my life.

Rogan still loves to poop and pee in the house. I had to order a super-size jug of Urine-Off from online to save our light cream carpet.

I've discovered that I have the most amazing husband ever. When I'm upset about something, I approach him, and he responds better than I could have ever asked or imagined. It blows me away. God has blessed me.

I have finished all but two rooms in the house. If you'd like to come visit, there is now a spare bedroom and bathroom for your use. There are even fluffy white towels for after your shower. :)

Work goes in waves. I'm either swamped or I'm filling my days with education and reviewing school notes.

I have the most ridiculous newfound craving for knowledge and understanding of the world. I am constantly googling and reading new books. I can't stop. If I could, I'd read a cookbook, a theology book, the Bible, a book on marriages, a book on anxiety, a book on nutrition, a book on fitness, and a book on pets simultaneously. Prime example of the amazing things I discover: Did you know that latex and avocado allergies are related???

I'm trying to break my addiction to the sun. It's not working too well. I managed to stay inside this weekend, only to find myself frustrated when Emily and Lael showed up from the beach with fresh tans. Then I wished with all my heart that I'd spent hours outdoors in my suit.

I now have a joint banking account with a man. It's a slightly odd feeling. When people ask my last name, I still say "LewisImeanSnoke."

My parents are meeting my half-brother next weekend. I'm slightly jealous.

I have found a plant I cannot figure out how to raise. I already killed one and I'm on my second and it's not looking too hot. This is really challenging my view of myself as a super plant woman.

Guess that's all for now.

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