Friday, August 22, 2008


In response to an email from me today, one of my friends said "PERFECT!" I sat there and looked at her response and thought, hmmm, "perfect." What exactly WOULD consistute perfect? Could I ever imagine something being perfect? We use the word all the time, but really, is anything ever perfect?

I'm curious if anyone can think of something that has been perfect. A day, an event, anything. Think about it hard. There cannot be a single flaw. There cannot be anything that...despite how wonderful that day or moment was...absolutely NOTHING that wasn't the way you wanted it. Not a bug buzzing around your head, not a breeze blowing in the wrong direction, not pants that are too big or too small. Not the wrong music in the background, not allergies, not internal stress about something coming up. NOTHING wrong.

Can you think of something? I'd like to hear what your ideas are. Share your comments. :)


  1. Hi Kara
    I'm not saying the moments leading up to it, or the ones following it were, but the moment I heard Alex's first cry as he was born-- That overwhelming feeling of joy, happiness, gratitude toward God, pure and instant love--that second in time was absolutely perfect:-)

    I don't think I could ever describe another moment in my life as perfect; but that simple cry and the emotions it brought were perfection.


  2. hey :) i think for me, part of what makes perfect so "perfect," is not being able to put it into words. or fully explain it. or understand it. or see it. i think perfect is something we have a deep longing for,an eternity that's etched in our hearts, so deeply that it's not something that can be seen in the world...

    and i think when things are particularly pristine, like that first snowfall in december, or that first cry from a little baby, we feel closer to perfection than we ever do in the day-to-day. :)