Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Perfect is...

I wanted to share the motivation behind my last blog...and it was that I was thinking about heaven and spending eternity with God. If you thought of moments in your life that you did consider perfect, take that and multiply it to the bagillionth power and that's heaven. How amazing!!! I think about the times in my life that, just as several of you mentioned, seemed perfect. And then I realize that actually, they weren't perfect...it's like Erinne said in her comment..."perfect is something we have a deep longing for, an eternity that's etched in our hearts, so deeply that it's not something that can be seen in the world..." I couldn't have described it better myself. :) So thinking about how life's "perfections" are actually full of imperfections makes me even more excited for the day I get to enter eternity with God. It will be better than our human minds can ever comprehend.

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  1. i am excited, too! i love the picture in this post. reminds me of narnia a little bit.