Thursday, August 16, 2012

Toddler Times - Just a Normal Conversation

On the way home from daycare Thursday, Krew informed me that Grandma Eileen was sad because she missed all of them (the daycare kids) when they went home. (Very cute.) Then, when I told him that he was going to hang out with his daddy and Uncle Danny while I went to see my friends that night, he explained that he and I were both going to be sad because we'd miss each other. (Also very cute.) Then the conversation took an interesting spin I wasn't quite expecting...

Krew: "And Daddy."
Me: "Daddy will be sad too?"
Krew: "Uh huh. And Gweyden."
Me: "Greyden will be sad? Why will Greyden be sad?"
Krew: "'Cause, 'cause your neckwace."
Me: "My necklace?"
Krew: "Uh huh."
Me: "Oh, because he bonked his head on my necklace?" [This happened the previous day.]
Krew: "Uh huh, he bonked his head. He need fire."
Me: "He needs fire??"
Krew: "Uh huh."
Me: "Why does Greyden need fire?"
Krew: "'Cause, 'cause fire on TV."
Me: "There's fire on TV?"
Krew: "No, SNAKES!!!"
Me: "There's snakes?"
Krew: "LOTS OF SNAKES!!!!"

And that's how the conversation ended. We then pulled into our driveway and he was on his way inside to see Daddy.

Gotta love those toddler minds. :)

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