Sunday, August 5, 2012

Krew - 29 Month Update!

Well Krewson boy, today you are 29 months old!! Your mommy hasn't done too well at keeping up with the monthly updates lately. :( But at least I'm sitting down to the computer now...better late than never!

You are turning into quite the little boy. You are a total chatterbox these days. Oftentimes your daddy and I can't get you to be just love, love, love to talk. Usually in full sentences, although we don't always understand all your words. Just in the last week or so you've started using pronouns like "he," "she," "him," and "her." It's so fun to hear your vocabulary developing and to know what's on your mind. (And boy, do you let us know what's on your mind!)

You still love music, and you now make up your own songs on-the-go all the time. In the car, while eating, while like to sing, sing, sing. You went through a phase about a month and a half ago where you loved the Jason Mraz song on your Elmo DVD. You would strum along on your guitar and sing while watching the song over and over. You would even perform for people if they wanted to watch. It was awesome. :)

Your favorite things to play with are trucks and cars, water (in the pool or spray bottles), paint or coloring, and anything sports-related. You love, love lakes and pools and will spend all day in them if we let you. You play all kinds of sports with your daddy - golf, tennis, basketball, soccer, baseball, and frisbee. Sometimes Mommy joins in too, but it's usually your daddy because he's the sporty parent. :) You're also learning to play pretend.

Even though Mommy doesn't like playing sports, you're very happy to help me do things around the house. You help me water the plants, make coffee, pull weeds, pick up dog poop in the backyard, put stuff in the trash, cook and bake, and do laundry. And you seem to think it is all exciting and fun, which is totally not true wonderful!!

You weigh around 30 lbs and you're about 34 inches tall. You're wearing mostly 2T shorts, 24 months shirts, size 8 shoes, and size 5 diapers. No, we haven't really approached potty training with you yet. You just haven't seemed ready, and we also figured it'd be better to wait until after you've adjusted to having your little brother at home.

Speaking of little brother, your baby bro Greyden joined our family last Saturday on July 28th. You seemed pretty ok with him for the first day or so, but then you started acting up a bit. You've been crying more than normal, struggling to go down for naptime and bedtime, and also sometimes you avoid your mommy and won't let me hold you or play with you. You've also started wanting to do things that Greyden does, like sucking on a pacifier, getting your diaper changed on the changing table, and sleeping in the crib. It's been a hard adjustment for all of us, but I know you'll be so happy to have Grey once he's a little older. Until then, Mommy and Daddy are doing a lot of praying and trying to let you know that you're still our special little boy.

We love you little man!
Your Momma

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