Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Child Talks a Lot

Whenever we are around other people, Krewson tends to go mute. He is simply a shy individual, and I can respect that because I have a tendency to be the same way.

I like tell people how much he talks, and then when they see him he utters like two words.

I swear I'm not a liar. is a video example of a typical daily car ride home from Eileen's house. Watch as much as you can handle, but be forewarned, it's over 7 minutes long and may not be of interest to those of you who don't find him as fascinating as I do. :)

And a few notes before you begin:
1. I was holding my phone in my right hand as I drove, not looking at what I was recording other than a glance here or there, so no, I was not being a crazy unsafe mother while driving with my two children in the car. :)
2. When he starts talking about the frog, he's referring to one of those small sticky toys that have the long sticky end that you pull to ricochet the toy across the room. Piper, Eileen's granddaughter, had shot one onto the ceiling that day and it had stuck to the ceiling.
3. I had no idea the sun was in his eyes. When I watched the video later, all the sunny sunshine talk made a lot more sense. :) Sorry buddy!

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