Monday, March 5, 2012

It's a...

Our gender ultrasound was today!!

I was sooooo much less anxious this time around than I was when we were finding out the gender of Krew. I'm not sure if it was because it's the second child or if it was because I had reached a point where I knew I'd be happy no matter what we were having. Initially when we first found out we were pregnant, I wanted a boy. Then, because this pregnancy felt so different from the last, I thought it was a girl. So I adjusted to the idea of a girl. Walking into the appointment today, I found myself feeling eager to find out the gender but not necessarily wanting it to be either. Which was a great place to be. :)

Despite not caring either way, I still found my heart pounding as I laid on the chair. The tech went through and checked over the baby's whole body, making sure everything was where it should be. She said all looked good (thank you Lord!). And then it came to the big moment. She looked a couple times to make sure, then told us that our baby is a...


Yaaaaay!!!!! I'm pretty sure a grin broke across my face. Dave leaned over and gave my leg a little tickle because he was so excited. Even if the tech hadn't told us, I would have known. The view the baby gave us made it pretty obvious. :)

full body view

his heartbeat - 167 bpm

frontal view of his face - a crazy eyeball picture haha

his little feet :)

his lip - I'm assuming they check for cleft lip?

getting a good view of his spine

and finally, how we know he's a boy :)

Yay for Krew having a little brother! I'm so excited for him to have a buddy to grow up with! :)

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