Monday, October 3, 2011

Fight For, Not With

Dave and I are currently attending a parenting class on Monday nights at our church. Tonight we discussed many topics, but one of them was fights with our kids and our spouses.

I want to share some food for thought that we were challenged with tonight, some questions that we were asked to think through and discuss. I have no answers or great wisdom to share, and for the sake of the privacy of my spouse I'm not going to delve into the answers that Dave and I gave, but I do want to challenge each of you to think through these as they pertain to your own relationships with your children and spouse.

1. When you fight with your children, are you fighting WITH them, or FOR them? Is the purpose of your argument simply to win, or is its purpose to better your child? Are you focusing on your child's heart, or are you focusing on proving that you are right? (These questions could apply to your spouse, also.)

2. Think about your most common fights with your spouse and/or each of your children - what is the topic you are most likely to argue about? Decide on your answer.

3. Now, in regards to that topic...why is it a hot button for you two?

4. What does each of you really want out of that situation?

I found that thinking through the answers to these questions really challenged me to a) question my motives and my heart b) realign my intentions with God's will and c) consider what the other person is thinking and feeling. Which are all really good things. :)

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I'll be back soon with a 18/19-month blog update our little guy. :)

God bless!

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