Sunday, October 9, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Mondays - parenting class
Tuesdays - Bible study
Wednesdays - church life group
Thursdays - our day (thank goodness!)
Fridays - traveling every other weekend
Saturdays - ditto Fridays
Sundays - ditto Saturdays

Life's crazy for us right now. Dave's tournament this weekend got moved to Philadelphia last minute, which I was super bummed about because it meant I couldn't go. However, it allowed me some time to hang out with my little man and to catch up with some friends I hadn't gotten to see much lately. My to-do list still has many many items on it, I still have several girlfriends I need to catch up with, and I did absolutely no cleaning this weekend (just picking up and laundry), but I do feel much better than I did last week.

Our upcoming activities for the rest of October and November include my cousin's wedding in Atlanta, 4 1/2 days in Florida for Dave's nationals, a weekend in Indiana to visit my friend Audrey and her new baby Cora, hopefully a weekend visiting Dave's family in Charlotte, and a week in Indiana with my family for Thanksgiving. Whew!

And yes, I know it's been forever since I've provided any updates on Krew. The 18/19-month update will be coming soon - not so much for you readers, but for myself, because this blog is how I'm documenting his life. So I can't get too far behind. :)

Here are a couple recent pictures of him that I thought were cute to hold you over.

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