Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wish List

There are several items on my wish list right now that I would just love to have.  Given that I've spent a butt-load of money purchasing camera lenses and photography learning resources lately, I'm not exactly in a place to be dropping more cash.  I think my husband might kill me.  And I'd get that icky stomach ache that you get when you know you're spending more money than you should.

BUT...if any of you lovely friends and family are looking for a gift to buy me...here is a handy dandy list, ready for your perusal at any time. :)

1. Giraffe camera strap cover


Yes, this is the exact same strap cover that my friend Ann has.  No, I don't really want to look for a different fabric.  I like hers, and she doesn't mind matching. :)  Although I do also like this one.  Hmmmm...

2. Yahweh (Live) by Hillsong Chapel


I got the Hillsong sample CD for free from the Christian bookstore and I really like the sampler songs from Hillsong Chapel.

3. Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst

I've heard good things about this book, so it's now on my must-read list.

4. Camera bag


This shop lets you pick a vintage bag and the fabric that you want your inserts made out of, then they make it personally for you.  Um, AWESOME.  :)  I also could just get a camera bag insert to stick in a bag I already have.  That might be a smart option.

5. Glee music


Alas, I cannot help myself.  I love, love, love Glee music.  (Well, most of it.)

6. Juice box holders

{via} and {via}

Preferably either the brand JuicePal or Dwink.  I love giving Krew a squeeze pouch of juice or a juice box as a treat once in a while, but he usually ends up squirting a beautifully arched juice stream straight onto our kitchen floor. Which leaves me with just one more thing to clean up.  Because I don't have enough to clean up already.  (Sarcasm.)  Hence, I think it's high time we get juice box holders.

What's on YOUR wish list??

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