Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Every Wednesday night Dave and I attend a church life group with about 8 other people.  Tonight's discussion was a doozy.  Some crazy deep stuff with no answers.  Lots of thought-provoking words about heaven, hell, salvation, what it means to be a Christian, can those who have never heard about Christ be saved, etc.  I wasn't feeling in tip top shape so it made it all the harder for me to digest.  There was one point where I wondered if it would be rude to go lay down on the bed in the guest room where my son was sleeping in his pack n' play because I thought my head might explode from sickness and deep thought overload.  (I resisted.)

All of the discussion arose from reading the book "Letters from a Skeptic" by Dr. Gregory A. Boyd.  A very good book if you're interested in Christian apologetics.  Very deep, but very good.

Anyways, due to how overloaded my brain is, this is about all I can come up with to say tonight.  Now I'm going to get my sicky body in bed so I can hopefully feel a bit better and more refreshed in the morning.

Goodnight and God bless.

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