Sunday, July 10, 2011

Everyday Elements Workshop Recap

I had a great time at Amanda's live photography workshop yesterday!  If you're interested in learning lots about photography and also meeting others who share the same hobby (or profession) as you, you should definitely check out her next one.  It was tons of fun, and Amanda is incredibly sweet.

My biggest takeaways from the day were probably
1) I understand metering much better now
2) I'm now a bit quicker at adjusting my manual settings
3) I learned about reflectors (and got one to take home, yipee!)
4) I loved meeting others who have the same interests as me
5) I got a goody bag of stuff to bring home
6) I learned more about gradient maps
7) I won a nice large picture frame from Ikea
8) I learned that 8-year-olds are much easier to shoot photos of than toddlers
9) I understand more how to avoid blowing out colors in editing

and much much more. :)

Here are some of my pictures from our workshop photo shoot.  (The little girl is Amanda's daughter who was sweet enough to let us practice on her.  The other people were just random men in a park. :) )

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