Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kara's Place

If money were no issue, I would open a business called "Kara's Place".

It would offer professional photography (pictures taken by yours truly).  It would also offer website and blog design.  I would of course have designed a sweet website for the business itself, in order to provide a sample of what we had to offer.

Its building would be attached to a plant nursery.  In the nursery I would grow all kinds of fun, unique plants. People would want to come from all over to see what I had to offer.  I would also sell fruit and veggie plants, and lots of trees.

On the other side of the building would be an animal rescue.  I would save animals from kill shelters in the area and sell them at affordable prices to loving families.  I would probably have a small pet supply store attached.

In the building I would also have a cozy office, with a single-cup coffee maker, comfy chairs, a fire place, lots of windows, catchy pictures on the wall (also taken by yours truly), and a little desk where I would do my work for the seminary classes I would be taking.

The building would also have a play area for Krew and any future children.  A nanny would come to watch him while I was attending to my business or studies.  His friends would be welcome to come join him whenever they wanted.

Kara's Place.

I can only wish.


  1. I'd totally go to KP. I'll run the West Coast branch, but it'll be called Joyce's Place.

  2. What a beautiful idea. I wish your wish would come true!