Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Babyhood: Week 27

Babyhood Weed 27 (September 3rd through September 9th)

* Daddy and Mommy and me went to Charlotte to go out on the lakes.  Saturday we went on Grammie and Grandpa Todd's lake, then Sunday we went out on Grandpa John and Grandma Teri's lake.  Boy did I have fun.  I got to play in water and ride on fast boats and all kinds of stuff.
* I turned 6 months old!! Yay!!  Check out my 6-month picture here.
* I had my 6-month checkup at the doctor.  I was 27 3/8 inches long (72nd percentile), 17 lbs 2 oz (42nd percentile), and my head circumference was 17 1/2 inches (68th percentile).  As you can see, I'm starting to level out and not look so much like a baby 5 months older than me.  This makes more sense considering my Daddy's and Mommy's sizes, so it was bound to happen at some point.  Although Dr. Bloom did say she wants to keep an eye on my weight curve to make sure I don't get too skinny.  Compared to other babies of my length, I am in the 16th percentile for my weight.  (Mommy looked it up online.)  I think I'll be ok though.  I really like to eat.  Just ask my Mommy.
* This week I decided to start shrieking as loudly as possible when I don't get my way.  Crying just didn't seem to be effective enough anymore.  My shrieking makes my Mommy's face scrunch up.  She says it's ear-piercing.  That must mean it's impressive.  I do it all the time now instead of crying, and Mommy usually ignores me, unless we're in front of other people.  I started doing it in the grocery store the other day and she yanked me up out of the cart quick as can be.  I'm glad I learned this trick, because sometimes those cart seats start hurting your bottom.
* I got my first taste of Starbucks this week.  I was in the cart (mentioned previously) and Mommy propped her Starbucks Iced Americano behind her purse in the cart seat next to me.  As soon as she turned to get some milk I made my move.  I grabbed the straw, stuffed it in my mouth, and sucked as hard as I could.  I had no idea I could drink out of a straw already, but apparently I'm more talented than I give myself credit for.  I got a whole mouthful before Mommy got the milk in the cart, then she yanked the cup away from me and grabbed my burp cloth to wipe up all the coffee drink pouring from my mouth.  A man that was shopping near us thought it was really funny and said that I apparently know to go for "the good stuff".  Mommy said she was just relieved it was "decaf".  I'm not sure what that means, but it must be good if Mommy says so, 'cuz she knows best.  In any case, I've decided that my Mommy is a very strange woman.  That coffee drink tasted horrible!!

Chillin' with Daddy in the lake

Grammie and I hung out on the beach for a bit

Floatin' and relaxin'

my Daddy and Mommy

My bunny is my favorite right now!

Grandpa John and Grandma Teri let me be captain.

I was sleepy.

Very sleepy.

Me and my cousins Caylee and Taylor

Chillin' with Uncle Danny

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  1. You always seem to know how to have a great time!