Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Babyhood: Weeks 28 and 29

Life through the eyes of Krewson...

Babyhood Week 28 (September 10th through September 16th)

* I've decided that I prefer to sleep with my butt up in the air.  When Mommy and Daddy put me in my bed, I always immediately roll over onto my stomach and shove my knees up under my chest.  It really is the best way to sleep.  You should try it.
* This week I decided to wake up and start crying in the middle of the night almost every night.  See, what happens is, I move around a lot while I sleep and then I get smooshed up against the side of the crib and stuck.  Well, I can't sleep when I'm stuck like that.  So I wake up and cry.  Then Mommy comes in, and I'm like, hey, while you're in here, how 'bout a snack.  And if she says no, I get really mad, cuz by that time I've decided that I'm hungry.  Mommy's been really tired every day cuz of it, but I don't think she minds.  Anything for me, right??
* Daddy and Mommy bought me big-boy carseats, so I don't have to hate every car ride anymore!!  Man am I excited.  I've got lots more room to move around and the seats are super cushy.  The only problem is that now Mommy has to climb in the back of her car to put me in the carseat anytime we take her car somewhere.  Guess that's what she gets for buying a two-door car with the knowledge that she would probably have kids (me!) someday.
* On Monday night Daddy gave me a bath, and afterwards he brought me downstairs in my bathrobe with a mohawk.  Man did I look studly.  In fact, I was a super stud, 'cuz he brought me down in just the bathrobe.  No diaper.  He stood me on the kitchen table to show Mommy, and she laughed and said, "You're going to think it's really cute when he pees all over the kitchen table."  I took that as my cue.  Peed a perfect stream straight onto the table top. It made a very nice puddle.  I have pretty awesome parents, cuz they laughed and even took a picture of my achievement.  Daddy told Mommy to have fun cleaning it up, but she left the puddle for him to tend to.  I guess she figured it was his job since he's the one who let me go diaperless in the first place. :)

The only way to sleep.

Looking like a stud in my bathrobe and mohawk.

Perfect aim!!

Sleeping on my Daddy.

Babyhood Week 29 (September 17th through September 23rd)

* I did so many exciting things this week!  First, Mommy and me went to Duke University to participate in a baby language acquisition study.  We got to meet a really nice lady named Jacky who videotaped me while I listened to a tape of different people (German and English) saying a German sound.  Jacky said that later on she was going to watch it in slow motion to see if I could tell when they switched from the German person to the English person. (Babies who are 4 months old can tell, but babies who are 9 months old can't.  Since I'm an inbetweenie they wanted to see whether I could, too.)  When it was over, I got a pretty certificate, Jacky took a picture of Mommy and me, and then Jacky gave Mommy ten whole dollars!!   I was like holy cow, that DEFINITELY made it worth it!
* After going to Duke, Mommy took me to her work and showed me to lots of people, since it was Friday (her day off).  I got lots of hugs and smiles.  It was fun!
* Then, as if all that wasn't exciting enough, Daddy had a frisbee tournament in town this weekend, and so I went with Mommy to hang out there on Saturday and Sunday.  It was super great, cuz Daddy's team won the whole tournament!  I was so proud of him. (Actually, Daddy was hurt and didn't get to play.  But I'm proud of him anyways, just cuz he's my Daddy.)
* Lots of other great things happened this week, too.  I started getting up on my hands and knees and rocking back and forth.  I rock rock rock and man is it fun.  No crawling yet, but don't worry.  I'll figure it out soon.
* I've also become a very excellent scooter.  In every direction.  Ok ok ok.  Not in every direction.  I haven't figured out how to go forward yet.  But really, it doesn't matter.  You can always get where you want to go by scooting backwards and rotating.  It just takes a little longer.  Ok ok ok.  That's not completely true either.   I can't always get where I want to go.  But I have these awesome things called parents, and I just whine and cry when I can't get to something, and they help me out.  Man I love having parents.
* I started clapping this week!  I like to hold my left hand still and slap my right hand into it over and over.  Everyone thinks it's super cute, so of course that makes me want to do it more and more.  Anything for smiles!
* Mommy and Daddy keep saying that they hope that I'm teething.  I guess I've been kind of grouchy lately.  I don't like to sleep through the night, and sometimes I get super moody during the day.  In the middle of the night, when I wake up, one of them has to rub my back until I fall back asleep, or I'll just cry and cry and cry.  And if they stop before I'm back to sleep good, I start screaming all over again.  I'm just all around fussier than normal.  Still can't see any teeth popping through, though.  Just a big gummy grin!
* I also like to eat lots and lots these days.  I usually eat three meals a day now.  I get milk in the morning, then cereal, then milk, then a fruit or veggie, then milk, milk, then cereal with fruits and/or veggies, then milk then milk.  So three solid food meals and six milks.  Oh, and I've decided that I like fruits and veggies but not cereal so much.  So sometimes Mommy mixes my cereal with fruits or veggies and I like that alright.

Hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa at the frisbee fields.

Cuddles from Mommy.

I love dirt!!  (Don't worry, Mommy grabbed me before I got much in my mouth.)

After the frisbee games we hung out with my friend Adi. She likes me a lot.

A real lot.

Starbucks with Mommy! 
(She loves Starbucks!)

Mommy likes to go jogging with me around the lake. I like looking at the trees. And throwing my arms and legs up in the air.

Why oh why does she put these things on my feet?

Oh yeah, cuz they make me look cute. :)


  1. Can you get anymore cuter? Melody used to sleep like that too. Way to go with the scooting! and your Daddy's team winning too! I'm glad your parents got a pic of you peeing...makes for a great shot for your wedding day slideshow. =p

  2. The way he sleeps is so cute! I love that.