Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Babyhood: Week 26

Babyhood Week 26 (August 27th through September 2nd)

Let's see, what can I share about my (Krewon's) exciting life for this week?

* Daddy had an ultimate frisbee tournament in DC (well, sort was really in Maryland, but it was pretty close to DC), so he and me and Mommy went up there and stayed with our friends Mary and G for the weekend.  It was lots of fun.  Daddy's team got 3rd place.  Yay, go Ring of Fire!!
* At the fields I got to hang out with my friends Corrie and Haley.  They are 1 1/2 and 1 years old and super nice.  They even shared their toys with me.
* I got to eat shaved ice for the first time (although Mommy wouldn't let me have any of the sugary flavoring in it).  I thought it was awesome stuff...I kept opening my mouth so Mommy would put more in.  It cooled me down while I was hanging out under the hot tent cheering for Daddy.
* I rode in my big-boy stroller for the first time!  Wow it was fun.  It let me sit upright while I was awake and wanted to look around, then when I got sleepy and flopped forward, Mommy laid it back and I got to sleep in the shade.  My Daddy sure is a smart man for convincing Mommy to let him buy the stroller.  'Cuz I like it a LOT.
* I finally convinced Daddy and Mommy that I do NOT like my carseat anymore.  They didn't seem to believe me, so I made sure to scream as much as possible on the way to and home from DC.  I managed to make our trip there take 6 hours and our trip home take 7.  I was pretty proud.  Mommy and Daddy are now looking for a carseat that's a little bigger that maybe I'll like a little more.  Then maybe I won't make them stop the car as much.  'Bout time they get the hint!!

Me, Corrie, and Haley

Mary and me

Mary was super nice to hold me.

My Daddy catching a frisbee.

My Daddy can throw frisbees, too.  He's super talented.

In the big-boy stroller.

Haley wanted to play, but I was sleepy.

Ring of Fire

Daddy's friend Jarad had a Ring shirt made just for me. :)

Me and my Mommy

Back at home, playing in the grass while Rogan stands guard.
She loves me lots, ya know.


  1. Hope your parents find a carseat for you that doesn't make you cry. I'm glad they finally got the message.

  2. Great pictures Kara, thanks!!
    And thanks for letting Haley share Krew's snow cone.