Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Talk to Me Tuesday: God Refresher

Ever since Krewson was born, my relationship with God has very sadly gone by the wayside.  I need to move it back up to top priority, but I'm having difficulty finding the motivation.  I don't know where to start.  I know I need daily time with Him, but I'm lacking the conviction I need.

Any suggestions for refreshing my relationship with God?  What has worked for you when you've been at a point like this in your life?


  1. kara, i think this is a common problem. at least i know the moms i'm friends with all experience it. God gives us such an enormous blessing and responsibility that comes on so quickly (seriously, day before and day after labor? total quickchange!) it can be overwhelming to think there's room for more than this new person in your life. everyone's different, but i found myself praying for the strength to be a good mommy and that Gerry and I will raise Shepherd to be a godly man. that prayer comes everyday, still. i'm always making mistakes and learning. and just praying prayers of gratitude that of everyone He chose us to raise this little bundle of gooberishness. :) there's nothing wrong with spending your time talking to Him about what's most pressing on your heart, which probably right know is little K. and if you are nursing, that was when i tried to do my quiet times. a little phil wickham and the Bible and a quiet, eating baby. it was pretty good most of the time :)

    oops, wrote a novel. haha. love you and your heart :)

  2. i know exactly what you mean. i find that praying for our little one(s) is an easy first step to drawing closer to Him during this stage in my life.

    before having M, my MIL gave me a list of how to pray for our kids. here's a list on a dad blog: http://becomingabetterdad.com/praying-for-your-kids/

    this blog has some good practical ideas: http://inspiredtoaction.com/

  3. Do you have an iPod? Because on some of the mornings where I have to wake up super-early and can't read my Bible before I go to work, I like to listen to a sermon podcast on the way to work. I like John MacArthur's show Grace To You alot. It doesn't take the place of personal devotions, but it's a nice supplement when I'm short on time, because I can listen to a sermon while I'm doing whatever I need to be doing, then when things calm down later I can do my devos. It seems to be helping me in my relationship with the Lord, because it helps me keep my day focused, even when I don't have much time to do a quiet time right away. :-)