Saturday, April 3, 2010

Parenthood: Week 4

Our baby boy turned 4 weeks old yesterday!

Things are going very well. :)  Krew continues to grow and develop and we see him doing new and exciting things every day.  (Well, ok, whether or not they're exciting to you may be up for debate.  But they're definitely exciting to us.)  He "talks" all the time, and I love responding to his grunts and squeaks and having conversations with him.   He got his first real bath last weekend, and to our delight didn't seem to mind it.  At least he didn't scream for it like he would for the sponge baths we had to do before his umbilical cord stump fell off.  He continues to bless us with more and more smiles, and he now occasionally stands on his feet when I hold him under the armpits.  He's also getting better at holding his head up.  He's a strong little boy! 

The most challenging thing this past week was probably his eating schedule.  The boy wanted to eat all the time.  During the day he ate for 30 to 40 minutes of every two hours.  Which means I was spending over a quarter of my waking hours feeding him, and I had about an hour-and-fifteen-minute window where I could take him somewhere, go on a walk, try to get him down for a nap, etc.  It was insane.  At night he would go 3 to 4 hours between feedings, which wasn't great but at least gave me a little rest.  Luckily he's slowed down with the eating over the last two days.  I'm praying it'll stay slow for a while and that he was just going through a growth spurt.  I was starting to feel like the child and I were permanently attached.

Here are a few pictures to share.  :)

My first bath!!

Towel time after my bath and dressed in my snazzy overalls for church.

Feels like home to me...

I like naps with Daddy.

This is how Mommy's been carrying me around lately.

We went on a picnic at the park, and it was really hot.  Mommy stripped me down to my diaper to cool me off but I was still really crabby.  Mommy's pretty good at soothing me, though, and before long...

I was cool as a cucumber. :)


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  2. too too precious! i'm glad you get more of a break when he's sleeping. melody was totally a 40+ minute eater. emi is done after 10 minutes. whew!

  3. love the pictures! He's growing so fast! You look GREAT!! I'm secretly..or not so secretly jealous of you!

    I felt the same with Molly she was eating NON stop--every 1 1/2 hours! I started to pump after that, so I would know how much she was getting. Turns out she wasn't getting enough--or she'd fall asleep. Keep it up though, it does get easier!

    He's so sweet!

  4. I love your pictures! It's good to read about how the little one is doing!