Friday, April 9, 2010

Parenthood: Week 5

Today Krewson is five weeks old.  The days are flying by!

Last Sunday was Krew's first Easter (obviously :) ).  He had a great day.  We went to an outdoor church service in the morning and then had Easter dinner with our friends.

Easter afternoon through Wednesday evening, my friend Audrey came to visit.  It was so wonderful to have her here.  We had tons of fun and she was an amazing help with Krew.  I got to take a couple long showers and even a nap one day. :)

Baby with an attitude.

Krew still loves his cuddle time with Mommy and Daddy.  It was so hot for a couple days that we stripped him down to his diaper to keep him cool.

He's begun getting really fussy in the late evenings.  Last night he had to be swaddled and sitting in my arms or he was crying.  Well, it was dinner time and I was starving, so I just ate while holding him.  Apparently I need a bit more practice.



  1. I've done that too...and found crumbs all over Melody. =p Never did that with E though.

  2. The easter shots are adorable! I'm glad y'all have had some warm days. Nothing like a cute diaper only baby to make you smile.