Saturday, April 25, 2015

Krewson Lee at 5 Years Old

This post is so long overdue, but fortunately kids stop changing as rapidly the older they get.  So although Krew turned 5 years old over a month and a half ago, I'd still consider what I share in this post to be about the same as what I would have shared back then. :)

Dearest Krewson Lee,

You turned 5 years old on March 5th, and a month and a half later you are now approaching the end of your first year in preschool.  You have grown and learned so much, and I'm so grateful for the wonderful year you've had.  You now know all your letters and can write them fairly legibly, and you're even learning to read some smaller, simpler words.

I love seeing your artwork from school, especially when I get to view it on the wall next to all your classmates' artwork.  The reason is this:  you always do something different from everyone else.  You always go outside the "rules" a little and add a little extra something.  Whether it be an orange-stemmed flower or a cowboy with stamp prints all over his face, very rarely do I see you do exactly what you're instructed to do.  I talked with your teacher about this, and she said it's just your personality, not necessarily a desire to break the rules.  I love that.  My little creative kid.

You took hip hop classes for a couple months over the last year and right now you're in soccer.  You seem to enjoy both, although you struggle with shyness and lack of confidence.  If we can convince you that you're awesome, then you really do well.  But if you start feeling unsure of yourself or forgotten in a mix of kids, you tend to pull away and quit trying.  It's something we'll have to learn to work with as you get older and probably start participating in more activities.

You're really starting to enjoy playing with your little brother, which is just wonderful.  Now that he talks well and you can communicate, it's really opened a lot of doors for the two of you.  You play make believe, build together, play cars, etc.  You really get along pretty well despite your different personalities.  I pray that your relationship continues to grow.

You are still our quiet, often melancholy child.  Oh, you have your goofy, crazy, loud moments.  But your average personality is one of quietness and introspection.  You typically prefer to do quiet activities like build, color, paint, and draw rather than play make believe or play with cars.  You will spend hours and hours building with Lego sets, but playing with cars will typically only last ten minutes, tops. Your favorite time to act crazy goofy is when I'm trying to take some normal, decent pictures of you.

You are still a little guy, ranking in at the 18th percentile for height (41.5 inches).  You weigh 40 lbs (42nd percentile).  You're wearing mostly 4t clothes and size 11 shoes.  You did grow two inches in the last year, though, and you're maintaining your place on the charts.

You are still emotional and sensitive, and we have to be gentle with our reprimands.  It really doesn't take much to discipline you, other than some strict words and occasionally sending you to your room. Very rarely do we have to actually take away a toy or privilege.  A talk is usually sufficient. You still get in a lot of "moods" that affect everything in that moment, and it can be hard to deal with you when you get in these funks.

We've decided to hold you back a year before sending you to kindergarten, so you'll be back at your current preschool next year for Pre-K.  We're hoping it will give you some time to grow emotionally and socially before heading into the big school.  Also, given that you're a little guy, we think it will be beneficial for you to grow a little physically as well, although that wasn't the main reason for holding you back.

If anyone would like to see your personality in action, we did a video interview right after you turned 5-years-old, which can be viewed here:

Alright sweet boy, that's all for now.  We love you so much. :)

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