Thursday, April 16, 2015

God (in)couraged me

Last night I busted into tears over my exhaustion with our current life.  But I knew a good night's sleep would refresh me, and I'd have the energy to face another day in the morning.

Then this morning Greyden had another vomiting episode, after six months in the clear.  The mystery of our child's health issues continues.

I kind of sometimes feel like I'm going to break.

I stumbled upon the words below on (in)courage this afternoon, and they leapt at me off the screen.

"I have been discouraged and battered but not without hope.

Sometimes obedience feels like exhaustion. Sometimes doing the thing He calls us to doesn’t mean it all works out how we thought...

Sometimes our message is one we’d rather not live with for one single day more, and we can’t bear the timbre of our voice when the pen slants or our lips part, we want a new song, a new story, but God tells you to keep speaking it because people need to hear that He is good. Not just when it seems like you should believe that, but when it seems you should absolutely curse Him and be done.

Even when we break, He is good.
Even when our worlds crumble, He is good.
Even when we cannot see, He is good.

Even when there are days that feel like the cruelest of jokes and hardships pile up at our heels, He is good.

Sometimes faith feels like more uncertainty than you’ve ever faced and you’re pushed forward and asked to trust yourself to be loved by God, fully and completely and just as you are. Right here in the storm."

You can read the whole article here: The Truth Is I Am Tired.

This article was so spot on for me right now. I actually don't even have any extra words to add. Just that, what it says. That's what I want to say, too.

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