Thursday, November 10, 2011

Neighborhood Impressions

We recently discovered that our friend Joey (newlywed husband to my awesome friend Kristin) works with a couple people that live in our neighborhood. When Joey mentioned us, these people did in fact know who we are. I'd like to say that they remembered us for the warm batch of cookies that I'd delivered just to show some neighborly love (totally didn't happen), or at least that they thought of us as a loving, friendly couple with a very sweet son (which hopefully isn't too far from the truth).

Not so much.

One guy remembered us as the people who own the dogs that ran out at nighttime one time and attacked his dog as he was walking down the street.

Hmmm. I do briefly remember that. Sorry, neighbor.

The other guy? He remembered us as the house belonging to the guy who never wears a shirt and makes his wife do all the yard work.



Just for the record, can I say that I ENJOY yard work and actually request that my husband let me do it?

And also, may I mention that my husband has a constant internal body temperature equal to that of a boiling pot of water and therefore has a reason for his shirtlessness?

Anyway. I think I need to start baking some cookies.

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