Friday, September 2, 2011

My Parenting Books To-Read List

I desperately need to read some parenting books.  I feel like I am flying by the seat of my pants these days.  Krew is, bit by bit, becoming defiant, independent, and stubborn, and I'm incredibly torn on how to handle it.  It's not that he's a bad kid, he's most definitely not.  He is a wonderful child, and many people say he's the easiest to take care of out of most kids they know.  Still, like all of us, he has that thing called sinful nature, and as his parents it is the responsibility of Dave and me to help him learn to recognize those sinful temptations and learn to resist them.  And the way we do this is through that painful but necessary thing called discipline.

Books that have been suggested, which I plan to read and then choose bits and pieces from and smoosh all together, include:
I'd love to hear if you've read any of these books, and if you have any other suggestions??  Also, I fully realize that some of these books are controversial, so please no rude comments.  Feel free to share your thoughts, but don't tell me that I'm a horrible parent if I follow something that one of the books suggests.  I'd like to make decisions about the books and my child on my own (with Dave of course)...and besides that, I want my blogging community to be one of support and love, not judgement.

Alrighty, with that said, share away. :)

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