Monday, September 19, 2011

FDA/Industry Statistics Workshop

My company has paid for me to attend this weeks's FDA/Industry Statistics Workshop in DC, which is pretty exciting.  I came with one coworker (Dora) and a good friend from grad school (Hilary), and we've run into other people we know along the way.  It's kind of neat to be back in a learning environment again.  As much as I was sick of classes and learning by the end of grad school, I've found myself somewhat missing it over the past year or so.  (Which is pretty surprising, since I said after getting my master's degree that I would never ever ever ever go back to school.  I still don't intend to, but I could see how it would be somewhat desirable. :) )

The only negative about coming was leaving my men.  Especially Krew.  I cried twice before we even left for the airport, and then broke into tears again saying goodbye.  I felt silly but couldn't stop the tears.  Luckily Hilary, who was with me, was sympathetic and understanding.  (Thanks, Hil!)  This is my first time leaving town without Krew, my first time being away from him for over 24 hours.  Crazy how attached you get to being with your kids, even though they exhaust you and drive you nuts the majority of the time.  Such is the love of a parent I guess.

Well, I've got free time at the conference but actually have some work I need to do.  (I'm swamped at the office right now...which had very unfortunate timing given that I'm at a conference for 3 of my 4 work days this week.)  So gotta jet.  Hope you're all having a splendid start to your week!

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