Thursday, September 15, 2011

Link Love 15.Sep.11

Here they are, my latest favorite blog posts!
I love to track my favorites like this, not only so I can share them with my readers (YOU), but also so I have them for future reference.

Courtship Contradictions
How to Glorify God at Work
Amish Proverbs
Homeschool Blindspots - An enlightening (although long) excerpt to read whether you plan to homeschool or not. (I do not.) It digs deep into the theology of Christian parenting.  To read the even longer original article (which is probably worth your time!) go here: Solving the Crisis in Homeschooling
The Joy of a Stable Mother - Relevant to ALL women, mothers or not...especially those that tend to be emotional. :)

Also, I had started a list maybe a month ago, but it never got published. Here it is, although a wee bit late.

A Stripped Down Version

These posts made me feel so much better about my child's recent tantrums:
The "Mini-Fit"
Pre-Toddler Goal: Don't Lose Ground

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