Thursday, December 16, 2010

What would you like to win?

CSN Stores has offered for me to do another giveaway on my blog, which I'm totally psyched about.  I actually get to pick the item (within a certain price range) to give away, which I thought was even more exciting.  Until I started looking through everything they have to offer.  And then I was overwhelmed.  There's a LOT.  So, I thought I'd ask...

What would YOU like to win?

Should I choose one of their home decor items (they have some spiffy decorative bowls and baskets), kitchen items (coffee maker? wine glasses?), kid items (for you all you parents out there), pet items (pet bed?), shoes, office supplies, other home items (one of their flat screen TV stands(ok, ok, that's not technically within my price range...))?  A rug? A clock? A bag??

The possibilities are endless.  So send your opinion my way. :)


  1. Home Decor--for sure, I'd like to have something for myself for a change, the kids always get the good stuff!

  2. Definitely home decor...we have way too much kid stuff too!