Sunday, December 12, 2010

Babyhood: Weeks 38, 39, and 40

Sorry this post is coming so late. :(  Mommy and Daddy have been keeping me (Krewson) super busy with all this holiday hub bub and I can barely get around to doing anything on my schedule.

Anyways, here's what's been happening. :)

Week 38 (November 19th through November 25th)
* This week Daddy and Mommy gave me my first haircut.  They decided that my 5-inch long straggling hairs on top and my little tail in the back were getting a bit out of control.  I behaved pretty well for them, as long as they kept me entertained with cups and stuff.  Mommy did the first chop, then Daddy followed up by trimming around my ears.
* Something very scary happened this week.  I was playing in Mommy and Daddy's room, and they both turned away for about 2.5 seconds, and super speedy me crawled out into the hallway and decided to see how skilled I was at climbing down the stairs.  (The answer is: not very skilled at all.)  Luckily I only toppled halfway down, since there is a break in the middle of the staircase, but boy did Daddy and Mommy freak out.  Daddy grabbed me and was holding me tight and bouncing me and singing to me while Mommy cried and worked on bending all my limbs to make sure they all still worked.  I wasn't hurt too badly, and I stopped crying pretty quick, but Mommy kept crying even after I stopped because she was that upset.  I got a bump and a shallow cut on the top of my head, but other than that I was really ok.  Still, Mommy went and bought a baby gate like the next day, and she and Daddy kept all doors shut when I was on the floor until Daddy got it installed.  Which really is sad, because I think if I tried enough times I really could get good at going down the stairs without their help.  They seem to disagree.
* The other big thing this week was that I had my first Thanksgiving.  We spent Thanksgiving day with Grammie and Grandpa Todd, and then on Saturday we went and had Thanksgiving with Grandma Teri and Grandpa John (more on that below).

Mommy about to make the first chop. (Check out my tail in the back!)

I had a little scruff around the ears.

Afterwards I took a really fun bath.

Hanging out with Grandpa Todd on Thanksgiving day.

Boy I've got lots of family.

Week 39 (November 26th through December 2nd)
* On Friday the 26th we stayed at Grammie's and Grandpa Todd's. I got lots of one-on-one snuggles, which was great.
* Then on Saturday we went to Grandpa John's and Grandma Teri's and I got even more snuggles. It was wonderful.
* One morning after we got back to our own house, Mommy walked into my room in the morning and I was standing up waiting for her. Man was she excited that I had pulled myself up. Then, one night after that, she got to watch me pull myself up, and she got even more excited.
* My top left tooth finally broke through my gums this week. Boy were Daddy and Mommy glad, because I'd been super crabby waiting for it to pop through. I'd been keeping them up a lot of the night, and they didn't like that very much.
* I decided to start getting picky about my food this week. Everytime Mommy would try to put the spoon in my mouth, I would swat it away and food would go flying everywhere. The only thing I would eat was starches that she put on my tray for me. Noodles, puffs, cheerios...I gobbled them all up. But no baby food. This did not make her happy, because she likes me to eat my fruits and veggies.

Cuddling with Grammie.

So THAT'S where I got my hair.

Napping on Uncle Danny.

me and Granny

cousin Caylee and me

Mommy and Daddy and me trying to get a decent picture for Grandpa John and Grandma Teri.

So sleepy.

Grandpa John and Grandma Teri and me

Week 40 (December 3rd through December 9th)
* This week we went to Ellie's first birthday party. (She turned one-year-old on November 14th, but her party was a little later than that.) While we were there, Mommy saw me pull myself up to standing for the first time (other than in my crib). (Daddy had seen me pull myself up several times before this, but I liked to hide my trick from Mommy.) And after she saw me do it once, I was like, eh, what the heck. So I just started doing it all the time after that. Which made Mommy think I was like the coolest kid ever. (Well, she already thought that anyways, but this at least fueled her fire.)
* Another trick I started doing this week is pushing up on my hands and feet at the same time, making a little bridge with my body. And then I just hang out there for a while, cuz I'm not sure what to do after that. I think maybe I'd like to stand up, but I'm not strong enough for that yet. So for now, bridges it will be.
* I turned 9 months old this week!!! Yay! You can see my 9-month picture here. I had my 9-month appointment with Dr. Bloom on Tuesday, and she said I was in great health. I weighed 20 lbs even (49th percentile), I was 29 inches long (75th percentile), and my head was 18.25 inches around (75th percentile). So I'm growing splendidly.
* This week Ellie's mommy suggested to my Mommy that she try letting me have a spoon to play with while I eat, and maybe that would help me eat my baby food better. Boy is Ellie's mommy smart. Then my Mommy caught on and gave me a spoon AND a lid or bowl to play with. Now I eat my baby fruits and vegetables lots better, because I can at least pretend that I'm feeding myself, and that makes me happier. Mommy is very relieved, because, like I said, she likes the fruits and veggies.
* This week I also played piano with Mommy for the first time. She was playing while I was in the room, and I pulled up and got my fingers on the high keys and started playing along with her. So then she pulled me up onto her lap and we played piano together for a while. I'd watch her fingers for a while, then when the inspiration hit me, I'd bang in with my accompaniment. Mommy was very impressed with my musical talent, I could tell.

Ellie's birthday party!

Mommy saw me pull up for the first time when I wanted to see the doggy Daisy.

Mommy's college sent me a cozy winter outfit.

I put on my bear outfit to keep me warm on the way to Daddy and Mommy's small group.


  1. Love the haircut!

    Wait until you start running!! Your parents will go berserk then! Little Emily just dented her forehead running into the corner of the wall the other day. Ouch!

  2. Aw, his first haircut! I love the pictures!