Monday, December 20, 2010

Babyhood: Week 41

Here's my weekly update, by yours truly (Krew):

Week 41 (December 10th through December 16th)

* I started really loving books this week.  Daddy and Mommy read to me and I just sit and listen and smile.  I love it.  And lots of times when they put me on the floor to play, I go find a book and then sit and look at it.  This of course makes Mommy really happy, since she loves to read.
* Along with my new love of books came a new love for pointing with my finger.  Daddy showed me how to point at the pictures in the books and now I like to point at lots of things.  At pictures, at Mommy, at Daddy, at lights...lots of stuff.  Point point point.
* And, along with my new love of books and my new love of pointing my finger came my new ability to purposely point at things in my books!  Mommy will say, "Where's the ball?"  and I will slide my finger across the page until it's on the ball.  I only do it about 50% of the time, but that's enough to get Mommy REALLY excited.  She can do the same thing with "baby" and "doggy".  Those are the only three words I know so far, but I think that's still pretty impressive.
* My current favorite page in any book is the animal page in my giant book of Baby's First 100 Words.  Daddy and Mommy make the animal sounds when they read it to me, and I think it's oh so funny.  When Mommy is reading, I especially love the piggy noise.  She sounds so silly.
* And on to other great news, I started standing all by myself this week!  I will just randomly let go and stand there with a big grin on my face.  Sometimes it lasts 20 seconds, sometimes two.  Usually I have my hands straight out to my sides or up in the air a bit, and that helps me stay up longer.  When I eventually fall, I usually make sure to plummet in the direction of Mommy or Daddy cuz I know they'll catch me so I don't get a bump.
* I got my first Christmas present this week! Uncle Danny gave me a Cookie Monster. I got really excited...and really impatient while he was getting it out of its box for me!!

Holding a wad of fuzz. I love wads of fuzz.

Here I am wearing Daddy's Halloween costume from when he was my age!!  (Mommy finally put it on me this week.  It was too hot on actual Halloween!)

I love reading!

Look how well I point my finger!

Uncle Danny, hurry up and give me my Cookie Monster!

Yay!  My first Christmas present!

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  1. Yay for reading...and pointing! So many exciting new things to come!