Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas cards!!

The Christmas season is quickly approaching!!  And with Christmastime comes Christmas cards.  Although I bowed out and failed to send them last year, I feel somewhat obligated to send out cards this season, given we have a new addition to our family.

So...Christmas cards it will be.  This year I'll be using Shutterfly...not only because they offer great products (I've ordered pictures and created photo books through them in the past), but because they're also offering a great deal for bloggers.  (Feel free to contact me if you're interested in finding out about it!)

I want to send out a card with several different pictures of our little family, so I'm leaning toward one of the following Christmas cards:

I want the card to actually say "Merry Christmas", so I guess that sort of eliminates the first card, although I really like the light blue.  After that I'll choose one based on how well our pictures fit into the picture slots.  Attempting to take family pictures with Krew today I am sort of limited in my photo selection. :)  I actually really like this card, also, because it allows you to add extra words and tell a little bit about your family.  Ah, decisions, decisions!

And in case you're curious, Shutterfly also offers lots of other awesome products: greeting cards, photo Christmas cards, personalized mugs, birthday cards, and holiday invitations. Check them out. :)  (Some of the personalized items would make great Christmas gifts for family members!)

What about you?  How are you creating your Christmas cards?  (Or are you creating them at all?)


  1. I like the 2nd to last one! I'm lazy and never do holiday cards and I should since we have 2 kiddos now..the last time I did them we didn't have any children! It's the postage that steers me away!
    However, I'm a hypocrite in that regards because I LOVE to receive them and the last few Christmases haven't gotten many...maybe I should start sending them again! I haven't used Shutterfly--I've used Snapfish, but got a catalog for Shutterfly and love their card designs! you should post your finished card online when it's done!

  2. deals for bloggers? do tell.

    i love shutterfly. quality-wise there are some that are better, but customer service is the best, and delivery is quick.

    we haven't done holiday cards in a long time. if we do make photo cards, i design my own. actual christmas cards? i used to write them all the time, but i don't think people keep them. we usually do family newsletters now...sent through email, except for those who don't have email...helps a lot to not pay for overseas postage. =p

    I like the last card.