Saturday, November 20, 2010

Babyhood: Week 37

Week 37!! Holy camoly I'm old!!
Here is your 37th week update by yours truly (Krewson).
(November 12th through November 18th)

*Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Gordie visited this week and it was so much fun!  I got lots of cuddles and lots of attention.  Those are two things I enjoy very much.  (Who doesn't?)  We did lots of shopping and lots of hanging out.  And Grandma taught Mommy how to sew the bottoms of shirts on a sewing machine, so now Mommy can turn my too-short onesies into shirts for me so I can keep wearing them. :)
*I must say that my favorite toy of all, now that I can crawl, is my doggies' water bowl.  It is just so much fun!! As soon as Mommy or Daddy put me down on the floor, that's the first thing I head toward.  Lots of times Daddy and Mommy put the bowl way up high before I can get to it, but sometimes they let me play in it and don't worry about the mess.  Then I splash and splash and sit and dump the bowl on my lap and make a giant puddle in the kitchen.  It's the best time ever.
*Sunday when Daddy and Mommy picked me up from the nursery at church, the lady volunteers told them that it might be time for me to move to the bigger babies' room.  The bigger room's sign says it's for 10-month-olds, and that's not me (I'm just 8 months old), but the ladies said I'm "very mobile" and "very friendly" and that I like to "play" with the other babies and so maybe I should be with some older kids.  (Well, of course I want to play with the other babies! What else would I do?  Stare at them?)  So I guess that's where I'll be going next week.  To the 10-month-old room.  I hope I make some new friends quickly!
*On Sunday night I started saying "muh muh muh muh muh" when I wanted more food.  Mommy's not sure if I'm saying "Mama" or "more" (and I'm not quite sure either, to be honest), but either way she gives me more food when I say it and I like that.  Then, since that worked so well for getting food, I thought I'd see what other kinds of things it would get me.  So now I say it all the time, everywhere I go.  I think Mommy's confused now.  But really Mommy, it's pretty easy to interpret.  It means "Give me what I want!!!  NOW!!!"  Is that so hard??
*I pull up to my knees and almost to my feet quite a lot now, so Mommy decided it was time to raise the side of my crib up high.  Which I thought would be ok, until I realized that she is too short for this change and now has no choice but to practically DROP me into my crib.  Awesome, Mommy.  Just awesome.  So much for smooth, sleepy transitions from Mommy's arms to the crib.  Nope.  Now I have to count sheep TWICE every night.
*One other thing Mommy did this week that I did NOT like was that she decided I needed to remember how to roll over.  So she laid me on my back over and over and over and over and over again.  I'd lay there and whine and yell until she gave my shoulder a little nudge and I'd remember that I could roll over.  Then as soon as I got on my belly and smiled, she'd put me right back on my back again.  And ooooooh I got mad.  But guess what.  After about two days of that, I remembered how to roll over.  And now I do it all the time.  Especially when she's trying to change my diaper (so I can get her back).
*On Wednesday night, Mommy decided to give me a small piece of her baked potato, and I gagged really bad.  Like really really bad.  Like she was pounding my back and my eyes turned all red and watery.  After that she gave me much smaller bites, and I did better, although the first bite to begin with was pretty small.  Then after that she decided to give me some pureed green beans with baby cereal, and I gagged on every bite of that too.  Like serious gagging, people.  Eyes-turning-red, I-think-I-might-puke gagging.  Mommy kept saying to Daddy, "I don't understand what's going on! He eats these all the time! Why is he gagging on them now??"  So I decided to open my mouth a bit wider for one bite, so Mommy could see inside my mouth.  Well, she caught a glimpse of something weird-looking in there, so she stuck her finger in and swiped it around, and LO AND BEHOLD, she pulled out...........a LEAF!!!  Oh yes everyone, I had been storing a leaf from outside in my mouth for only the Lord knows how long.  I hadn't been on the ground in about an hour, if that gives you a general time frame.  Mommy and Daddy had no idea where the leaf came from...they're pretty good about sweeping the floor a lot.  And this leaf was a rough, jagged leaf.  Some leaves are soft and smooth...this one was not.  So you can imagine the struggles I was having, trying to eat a normal meal while storing a leaf in my mouth! It was not an easy feat!! Well, after the leaf removal, I was a happy camper and gobbled my meal right up.  I think Daddy and Mommy were relieved, also, that they found the leaf before anything not-so-good happened.  Thank you for helping me, Mommy!

Me and Grandma Nancy

Me and Grandpa Gordie

Thumbs up, Dude!

Fun times with Mommy


  1. the story of him gagging had me laughing, till I read that he had a leaf in his mouth!! Molly has done the same thing, what is it w/ leaves?! Glad you got it out, Molly actually choked on one! He sounds like a lot of fun and that he keeps you busy...such a boy!

  2. oh no on the gagging and the leaf! yikes!! love the thumbs up! =)

  3. I really do love his face and shirt in the thumbs up picture :)