Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Babyhood: Weeks 18 through 23

Ok it's time for crazy catch up!!  Here's all the exciting events that have happened in my (Krewson's) life in the past month or so. :)

Week 18 (July 2nd through July 8th)
* Daddy and Mommy took me to Grayson Highlands and Hungry Mother State Park in Virginia.  Mommy hiked for 5 1/2 hours carrying me in the Baby Bjorn!  She's like a super mommy or something.  She didn't fall at all, not even once.  (Thank goodness, too, cuz that would have been a little scary for me, being attached to the front of her and all.)  We climbed up really high and got to look over a super scary ledge, and we also got to pet wild ponies.  Mommy even fed a foal a clover and then it tried to eat my pacifier and toes.
*At Hungry Mother I went swimming in a lake with Ellie and did a lot of splashing.  I also spent my first 4th of July there and watched some fireworks with Daddy, Mommy, Maggie, and Rogan.  The fireworks were far enough away that I didn't get scared.
* Mommy finally got to see me roll over on Tuesday night.  I did it over and over, back to front.  But then I kept finding myself on my belly, and I'm not a huge fan of that, so I'd whine until Mommy flipped me back over onto my back.  Then I'd roll right back over onto my belly and start whining again. I like to keep Mommy on her toes.
* I started moving all over the place in my crib at night.  When Mommy and Daddy come in in the morning, sometimes my head is even at the other end of the bed.  One morning I moved so far in my crib that my motion detector alarm went off (telling Mommy and Daddy that I'd stopped breathing), and Daddy rushed in faster than you can say 'pancake batter.'  Of course, nothing was really wrong.  I had just moved far far into the corner to show them what a good mover I am these days.  I know they're impressed.
* I turned 4 months old!!  Mommy shared my 4-month picture here.

On the edge of a big cliff at Grayson Highlands.

The wild pony nibbling my toes while I pet it.

Playing in the lake at Hungry Mother with Ellie!

My first 4th of July!  Fireworks time!

Week 19 (July 9th through July 15th)
* On Monday night, I rolled over front to back, both ways (left and right).  Holy camoly was Mommy excited.  She clapped and everything.  It made Daddy happy too, but he's not as crazy as Mommy.
* My gums started kinda hurting or something, so I thought I'd start biting Mommy while I was eating to see if it would help.  It did!  But Mommy didn't seem too happy.  In fact, one time she fell asleep while I was eating and I bit her and before I knew it she smacked me!  It didn't hurt at all, but she felt super bad.  I think she thought I was a mosquito or something.
* We visited Grandpa John and Grandma Teri in Charlotte and went to Daddy's ultimate frisbee tournament.  It was super duper hot.  My cheeks kept turning bright red and Mommy would have to go sit in the car running the AC for me.  After that Mommy did some research to try to find a better way to keep me cool.  I had a baby sun shelter already, but not much wind could get in so I got really sweaty and icky.  So she decided to order me a standup umbrella.  We haven't used it yet but I bet it's going to be super awesome.  
* My legs got stuck in the crib slats like three times while I was sleeping, so Daddy and Mommy decided I needed a bumper.  But grownups are all paranoid these days that us babies will stop breathing if we touch a bumper, so Daddy and Mommy ordered me a breathable bumper. (Ya know, so I can keep breathing.)  They got it in dark brown so it matches my spectacular room.
* I had my 4-month checkup with Dr. Bloom and she said I was growing splendidly.  I weighed 15 lbs 11.25 oz (~74th percentile) and I was 26.5 inches long (90th percentile).  My head was 16.5 inches (~45th percentile).  So I am tall, a little skinny for my height, and I have a little head for my body.  (They only think my head is little because they're not measuring around my cheeks.  If they'd include my cheeks, I bet my head would outdo the rest of me.)  I also got more of those horrible shots to keep me from getting sick, and Mommy hugged me until I stopped crying.  She didn't cry this time.  I was proud of her.
* My other wonderful achievement for this week was that I peed all over myself three nights in a row.  How many of YOU can say that??

with Grandpa John and cousin Taylor

chillin' with cousin Taylor at Daddy's frisbee tournament

cuddle from Grandma Teri

this is why Mommy and Daddy ordered me a breathable bumper

Week 20 (July 16th through July 22rd)
* Daddy and Mommy got me a jumperoo!!  It's so much fun.  I play and play and play in it.  And I can swivel around and watch Mommy and Daddy wherever they go.  That helps so I don't get cranky as quick as I do in other baby stations.
* I ate solid food for the first time!  Daddy videotaped while Mommy shoveled it in.  She wasn't a very clean feeder.  I got pretty messy.  Then Daddy let Maggie and Rogan give me a bath afterwards. :)
* Maggie got in trouble this week.  (Well, she gets in trouble a lot, but this time it was kinda my fault.)  See, I was sitting in my Bumbo on the living room floor, and Mommy was in the kitchen, and I had just spit up all over the front of me.  Maggie came over to clean me up,  and she did such a good job licking all the spit up off my outfit that I thought she might like to clean out the inside of my mouth, too.  So I opened up and let her get all the leftovers.  Mommy walked into the living room while Maggie was cleaning out the inside of my mouth, and holy cow she was not happy!  She yelled "No!!!" and then "Eeewwwww!"  I don't really understand what the big deal was.  Sheesh.  Mothers are so weird.

my new jumperoo!

mmm cereal

Week 21 (July 23rd through July 29th)
* Grammie and Grandpa Todd came to visit.  I hadn't seen them in a long time!  They brought me a spiffy camouflage hat and shorts.  The shorts are a little big still, but the hat worked great for...
* Our trip to the lake!  We hung out with Mommy's and Daddy's friends and went out on a boat and stuff.  I got to wear my new life jacket that Daddy and Mommy bought me.  I didn't like it very much, though.  And the lake police would get me in big trouble if I didn't have it on while I was on the boat.  I wish Mommy and Daddy would have let me broken the rules.  Because I did NOT like that life jacket.  I didn't like it so much that they only took me on the boat once.
* I started eating my feet this week.  They're one of my favorite snacks.  You should try yours.
* Mommy and I flew to Indiana to visit our lots of relatives again!  (More on that in Week 22.)

Grandpa Todd and me :)

me and Grammie

the life jacket that i did. not. like.  (so I just squished down into it like this and took a nap)

I love feet!

Week 22 (July 30th through August 5th)
* As I said in Week 21, Mommy and I went to Indiana to visit some of my grandmas and grandpas (great and normal) and aunts and uncles again.  It was lots of fun.  I got lots of hugs and kisses and cuddles, which I of course thought was like the best thing ever.
* I sat all by myself for the first time!!  I propped myself up on my hands and man was I proud.  Mommy was pretty psyched, too.
* I turned 5 months old!  You can check out my 5-month picture here.

Uncle Evan

Grandma Nancy making me laugh with the duckey

my Uncle Aaron is kinda crazy

chillin' with Grandpa Gordie

look at me sit up all on my own!

the messiest meal ever.

Week 23 (August 6th through August 12th)
* I got to go to Walmart with Mommy and sit in the front of the shopping cart! Boy was it exciting. I could see so much more than from my carseat. And then when I got sleepy, Mommy laid me in the seat sideways, and I was all cuddled by my cart cover and snoozed away. It was as soft as my bed.
* I've started sticking out my tongue. I stick it out at everyone. At Daddy, at Mommy, at Rogan, at Maggie, and at whoever else wants to look at me. Sometimes people stick their tongues out back at me, and I really like that. And sometimes Rogan and Maggie like to stick their tongues out too and wipe them on mine. Mommy and Daddy don't like that, though. Whenever they see it happening, they say "NO!"
* I've gotten pretty good at sitting up now.  In fact, when I fall forward, I can even sometimes push myself back up!  It's so liberating. :)  (I learned that big word from Mommy.)
* I had a great big poop explosion out the front of my diaper. I was laying on our cream rug and Mommy got really nervous. Luckily, all the poop came out the front and none went out the back. :)

in the Walmart shopping cart with my snazzy cart cover

poop explosion.  oops.

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  1. You guys have way too much fun! Isn't the poop explosions crazy? We have that jumperoo too, and now I don't know what to do with it, and our friends who want to borrow is not coming to pick it up. =\ That's why I need my rent-a-toy company. Enjoy every minute! It goes by so quickly.