Monday, August 30, 2010

Babyhood: Week 25

Babyhood: Week 25 (August 20th through August 26th)

* This was a sad week for our family.  My Great Grandma Krewson (my Grammie's mommy) went to be with Jesus.  Nobody knew she was going to go see Him right now.  Mommy and Daddy say she's very happy now in heaven, but lots of people down here are still sad because they will miss her.  I went with Mommy and Daddy to celebrate Great Grandma's life at her memorial service, and then we stayed to visit with Grammie and Grandpa Todd for a day so that I could help cheer Grammie up.  I sure hope I helped!
* I also tried to cheer up friends and relatives at the memorial service.  Lots of people got excited that my first name was Great Grandma Krewson's last name.  They all wanted to hold my hand when they came to say hello, but I don't like that very much so I usually pulled my hand away.  I did smile for lots of people, though.  I like to smile.
* While we were visiting with family after the service, I kicked my first soccer ball while cousin Hannah held me up.  Everyone in the room got super excited and clapped and cheered.  I was even wearing my Adidas soccer outfit.  It was a splendid occasion.
* Mommy bought me some new shoes at the beginning of this week and she sure likes them a lot.  She took about a thousand pictures of me wearing them.  I've posted a couple below so you can see. :)

Look at those snazzy new shoes!

I like cabinet knobs now.  They're pretty sweet.

Hanging out with my Grammie.

Her cheek was super comfy.

Me and Grandpa

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  1. Sorry to hear about your Great Grandma. I'm glad you were there to cheer everyone up.

    You are growing to be more handsome everyday.