Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Babyhood: Week 15

Ok so I realize I'm not doing much better than my Mommy at keeping you all updated. (What can I say, I did inherit half of my genes from her.)  I really wanted to get you all caught up with Babyhood Weeks 15 and 16, but Mommy's making me go to bed soon, so I'm only going to have time for Week 15 tonight.  I will try to do Week 16 tomorrow for all you friends and family who are anxious hear about my recent achievements. :)

Week 15 (June 11th through June 17th)
* The hair on the top of my head started falling out!  I mean, honestly, I just wanted to be like Mommy, cuz she's losing lots of hairs like mommies do after their babies are born.  But Mommy seemed even less excited about my hair falling out than she is hers.  I thought she'd be happy for company, but apparently not. She went to Daddy and said, "When I pull on Krew's hair, wads come out!"  And Daddy told her, "Then STOP PULLING IT OUT!!"  Apparently Daddy doesn't want me to go bald, either.  Silly parents.  I'll be adorable no matter what!
* I decided to make Mommy happy and lift up my head during tummy time.  Well, actually, I really wanted to see Avatar playing on the TV and the only way I could do that was to pick up my head.  So I gave in.  (Avatar is such a great movie!)  Well of course Mommy got all excited and she even clapped her hands.  I did it again yesterday and Mommy took a video.  You can check it out below. :)
* Daddy makes this really cool sound with his mouth and I decided I wanted to copy him.  I'm getting pretty good at it.  It's one of my favorite things to do. :)  Mommy got that on video, too. (Of course.)

Tummy time!



  1. Hate the hair loss. Drano Max was the only thing that could help our tub. =(

    You are growing up so wonderfully! Great job on the tummy time!! Yeah!

  2. he's getting so cute!!! good pictures and i loved hearing him talk!

  3. Oh, rats. I heard that alot of times babies who are born with lots of hair lose it later, then it grow back again. It's a bummer - he's still adorable though, even bald! Ha!